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Survival Tools

Metallic razor knife with handle of nylon of 15 cm. Of total length....
3 claveles Razor knife 00207
2.50€ IVA included

Can opener.
3 Claveles Can Opener 501
1.30€ IVA included

3 Claveles 10 CUTTER REPLACEMENT BLADE Ref: 00236 18 mm
3 Claveles Cutter Replacement blade 00236
2.00€ IVA included

Rotary cutter. Soft handle. 170 mm.
3 Claveles Cutter Rotativo 00216
7.75€ IVA included

SK-5 carbon steel blade.          ...
3 Claveles Folding Saw 00332
22.95€ IVA included

Glass scraper . 145 mm. Plastic handle.
3 Claveles Rascavidrio 00242
1.50€ IVA included

Bahco Swedish saw with 280 mm blade long. Includes rigid case with...
Bahco 4128jt saw
39.00€ IVA included

Camp set Bahco + Mora clipper knife.
Bahco Laplander + Mora Clipper lap-knife
44.95€ IVA included

Folding saw with steel blade with black surface coating of 180 mm....
Bahco Laplander 396lap
37.00€ IVA included

Bahco replacement saw blade, valid for saw 396jt, 396hp and 396lap.
Bahco Pradines saw blade 396jt blade
29.00€ IVA included

Baston mount with adjustable height. It can be set from 1.35 m . to...
Baston Telescopico 544
12.00€ IVA included

Cor-Ex™ sheath for a Special Forces Shovel.
Cold Steel Special Forces Sheath cssc92sf
9.00€ IVA included

Weight: 26.6 oz Overall Length: 19.68" Handle: Hardwood Thickness:...
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel cs92sfs
39.95€ IVA included

Carbon steel. Handles: american hickory. Tickness: 2 mm. Overall:...
Cold Steel Spetsnaz Trench Shovel cs92sfx
44.00€ IVA included

Para-Saw blottle opener.
Crkt bottle opener paracord cr9702
6.00€ IVA included

Crkt para-saw bracelet cr9300dl
25.00€ IVA included

S size (small) Video:
Crkt para-saw bracelet cr9300ds
25.00€ IVA included

75 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2 mm. Overall: 190 mm....
Cubierto Camping 33041
14.85€ IVA included

This tool, which comes in a nylon pouch, fits in any car trunk and is...
Elite Force M12 Pala 5.0959
15.00€ IVA included

Consistent wood carbon steel 200x65 mm
Flores Cortes Pujavante 28502
19.95€ IVA included

Folding shovel . Folded as 225 x 130 x 40 mm .  
Folding shovel 32991
15.00€ IVA included

Exchange-A-Blade Sport Saw - 8" closed lockblade. Comes with coarse...
Gerber exchange a blade g6036
27.00€ IVA included

Gorge Folding Shovel - 15 3/4" overall. Weighs 1.7 lbs. Carbon steel...
Gerber gorge folding shovel g41578
29.25€ IVA included

Gerber folding pruning shears. For branches up to 35 mm. diameter....
Gerber reveal folding loppers g0229
47.00€ IVA included

Shovel blade: 100% Carbon Steel Handle: 100% Aluminum Cover: 100% EVA...
German Trifold Shovel With Pounch 15520100
24.95€ IVA included

Glock shovel for field or survival with three different positions to...
Glock Camp Shovel
59.95€ IVA included

Replacement carrying case for the Glock shovel. Includes support to...
Glock Shovel Sheath Only
7.95€ IVA included

Shovel blade: 100% Carbon Steel Handle: 100% Steel Cover: 100%...
Mil-Tec Trifold Shovel 15525500
9.95€ IVA included

Folding basket for gathering wild mushrooms and fruits. Folding. Very...
Mushroom Bag 39099
16.95€ IVA included

190 mm. 12c27 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 1,5 mm. Overall: 470...
Opinel Saw nº 18 001198
42.00€ IVA included

120 mm. 12c27 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 1,5 mm. Overall: 290...
Opinel Saw nº 12 165126
25.00€ IVA included

35 mm. 8Cr13Mov stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2 mm. Overall: 250...
Outdoor Edge Paraclaw Black Large oepck90d
37.00€ IVA included

Pin in the shape of a Spanish constitutional flag. Measurements:...
Pin Bandera España 09977
3.00€ IVA included

Round-shaped pin with the motif of a bullseye from Spain.  ...
Pin Diana Spain 09973
3.00€ IVA included

Legion commemorative pin for its 100 years. Model: Legionnaires...
Pin Especial Legion 100 Años 09979
3.00€ IVA included

Commemorative pin of the Civil Guard   Measurements: 1.9 x 1.7 cm.
Pin Guardia Civil 09978
3.00€ IVA included

Entrenching Tool - Tempered high carbon steel construction with black...
Sog Entrenching Tool sogf08n
28.25€ IVA included

Type: Camping pegs Size: 23 cm Shape: Lisa Material: Steel...
Steel Pegs 33716
3.50€ IVA included

Herramienta indispensable para trabajo con metales fino y cuero.
Stein Sacabocados Profesional 40854
15.00€ IVA included

Multipurpose card for survival or camping. Includes knife and harpoon...
Tool Logic Survival I black tl076
29.95€ IVA included

Multipurpose card for survival or camping. Includes knife and harpoon...
Tool Logic Survival II black tl077
29.95€ IVA included

2Cr13 steel.  The ultimate tactical shovel that also doubles as...
United Cutlery Kommando survival shovel uc2979
69.95€ IVA included

6.5" closed. 5.5" black oxide coated serrated stainless blade. Orange...
Ust Para Pro + Firesteel wg12423
25.00€ IVA included

10.25" overall. One piece black oxide coated stainless construction....
Ust Para Pro Shovel + Firesteel wg12424
25.00€ IVA included

Flexibile 24” blade cuts at a variety of angles with with...
Ust Sabercut saw wg0180
32.00€ IVA included

26" black coated stainless hand-operated chain saw with black nylon...
Ust Sabercut wg01805
22.00€ IVA included

• 20” (508mm) stainless-steel, single-strand cutting wire • Finger...
Ust Sierra Cable 87018
4.80€ IVA included

3" overall. Stainless construction. Tools include: Ruler l Small...
Ust Tool a Long Dog wg02756
7.95€ IVA included

The UST Wolf Tool a Long is a pocket-sized, stainless steel...
Ust Tool a Long Wolf wg02215
9.95€ IVA included

Lightweight and extremely durable Made of aluminum Telescoping handle...
Ust U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel wg01904
24.00€ IVA included