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Tactical Pen & Kubotan

The new iPlus-Pen acts not only as a Tactical Pen and writing...
Boker Plus Iplus-Pen Tio-Pen 09bo096
21.00€ IVA included

Tactical pen multi purpose. Aluminium. Overall 150 mm. ...
Boker Plus Mpp Pen 09bo092
25.00€ IVA included

Tactical pen. Aluminium. 150 mm. 50 grs.
Boker Plus Tactical Pen 09bo090
32.00€ IVA included

The Tactical Pen Tablet reflects the fact the increasing...
Boker Plus TTP Tactical Tablet Pen 09bo097
27.95€ IVA included

Boker knife with 440c stainless steel blade 40 mm. Long. Roller...
Boker Plus Urban Survival 01bo047
59.50€ IVA included

Permanent marker that can be used in cases of emergency for personal...
Cold Steel Pocket Shark cs91spb
9.00€ IVA included

Fury Tactical Pen fy16902
28.00€ IVA included

Kubotan, window puncher and handcuff key. Overall 95 mm.
Kubutan Key + Glassbreaker 03013
12.50€ IVA included

Perfecta tactical ballpoint built in aluminum. Glassbreaker in the...
Perfecta Tactical Pen TPIV 113-21991
25.00€ IVA included

Tactical defense pen built in black anodized aluminum. Includes hook...
Smith&wesson Swpenbk Tactical pen
39.95€ IVA included

S&W Military & Police Tactical Pen Black. 6" overall. Black T6061...
Smith&Wesson Swpenmpbk Tactical pen Military&Police
39.95€ IVA included

  Black Shaft, Black Handles Refillable Blue Ink Cartridge...
Spyderco Baliyo ycn100
12.00€ IVA included

Tactical pen built in aluminum. Total length 155 mm. Screw cover.
Tactical Pen 03012
20.00€ IVA included

Tactical pen built in aluminum, useful as a personal defense. Total...
Uzi Tactical Pen uzitp1
25.00€ IVA included