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Haidu HCZ600 Sharpener Stone 600 Grits

11.50€ IVA included

Sharpening stone for use with water and oil. Grain 1000 grits. Measures 160 x 38 x 15 mm.

Haidu whetstones are ceramic-bonded aqueous whetstones containing corundum abrasive grits. They can be used even dry or with oil, but their maximum efficiency is achieved when used in water.

HCZ - The ideal compact size that can fit in a backpack, but can be used anywhere. Due to its size, it is primarily ideal for smaller knives, but it also has a larger kitchen knife, and when designing the size, a 30 cm kitchen knife could be sharpened on it.

With water - Soak in water so that the stone is completely covered with water. Depending on the size of the abrasive grain, tiny bubbles will appear on the surface of the water. Allow the pumice stone to soak in the water for about 10-15 minutes, then saturated with water when the water stops on the surface when removed from the water. Then we can start using it. Place on a non-slip surface - kitchen towel, wipe, multi-layer folded and damp kitchen paper towel - and sharpen the knife while holding it at the right angle. During the operation, we replenish the water on the surface of the stone.
After sharpening, clean the surface of the stone - we can use coarse stone HCR250 for this purpose - and let it dry.
The wharf is not harmed by storage in water, but in this case the stone may be algae. The stone is not harmed by any household acid or alkali, it can be dried up to a temperature of 250 degrees, even in an oven.

With oil - Put oil on the surface of the stone, it is not necessary to soak and then we can start using it. Whatever mineral oil can be used for it, vegetable oil is not recommended because it can turn rancid.
After use with oil, it can also be cooked with detergent if you want to continue using it with water.

Cleaning - It is advisable to clean the stone from the deposited steel particles after each use. HCZ250 is recommended for all Haidu corundum grits. If the surface of the wharf is cleaned with HCZ250 pumice stone, soak this stone as well. Applying HCZ250 to the stone, move it back and forth or in a circular direction with strong movements to remove the worn layer from the stone surface. The resulting sludge is washed off the surface of this whetstone.

  • Manufactured by: Haidu

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