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Butter curler. Stainless steel. To shape the butter. Dishwasher safe....
3 Claveles Butter curler 04815
5.05€ IVA included

Corer - Diameter 16 mm - Stainless steel. - To remove the central...
3 Claveles Corer 04809
3.95€ IVA included

Double caster 22/30 mm. Stainless steel and polypropylene handle.
3 Claveles Double drain 04801
9.50€ IVA included

Double emptying of the 3 Claveles brand. Two diameters: 22 and 25 mm....
3 Claveles Double Emptying 04800
8.90€ IVA included

Stainless steel channeling. Dishwasher safe.    
3 Claveles Grooving 04813
5.05€ IVA included

Silicone brush for baking and cooking . Resistant to high...
3 Claveles Kitchen Silicone Brush 04619
3.10€ IVA included

Lemon grater stainless steel with polypropylene handle.
3 Claveles Limon grater 04812
4.75€ IVA included

Utensil interior decorator of Arcos with wavy leaf of stainless...
Arcos Utensil interior decorator 600201
12.80€ IVA included

Baby bottle for liquids or sauces of 125 ml.
Ibili Biberon 125 ml. Hosteleria 773901
2.00€ IVA included

Plastic bottle to decorate dishes with liquids and sauces. Screw cap...
Ibili Biberon 700 ml. Hospitality 773907
2.50€ IVA included

 Brush to decorate to try carrots, radishes or other elongated...
Ibili Decorator 723100
4.95€ IVA included

Decorating spatula for dough. 150 x 100 mm.
Ibili Espatula Decoradora Hosteleria 761100
2.50€ IVA included

60 cm nylon reusable pastry sleeve. Quantity 1 unit. Suitable for...
Ibili Manga Pastelera Hosteleria 60cm 756860
9.95€ IVA included

Pack de 10 mangas desechables y 6 boquillas de plástico de dos...
Ibili Manga+Boquillas Hosteleria 000946
6.00€ IVA included

Ibili stainless steel sauce boat suitable for all types of sauces and...
Ibili Sauceboat 765500
5.95€ IVA included

Silicone brush with plastic handle. Length 24 cm. Suitable for...
Ibili Silicone Brush Hosteleria 751800
3.00€ IVA included

Set of 6 nickel-plated nozzles, includes: 2 round nozzles (10 mm and...
Ibili Steel Hospitality Nozzles 000934
12.95€ IVA included

Made in Germany, consisting of a set of 3 pieces for the decoration...
Triangle Decoration Basic Set 90857
29.95€ IVA included

Professional set produced in Germany, composed of 8 special tools for...
Triangle Fruit Carving Set 90818
89.95€ IVA included