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3 Claveles Tijera Limpiauvas Agriculture Carbon Steel - Handle...
3 Claveles Clean Grapes scissors 03292
7.10€ IVA included

Vintage scissors and pruning forged in hot. Carbon steel and...
3 Claveles Pruning Shears 00303
8.99€ IVA included

Carbon Steel - Enamelled Handle - Hot Forged for durability. 21cm...
3 Claveles Pruning Shears 00304
10.99€ IVA included

F1150/C55 carbon steel blade. 180 mm. overall.
3 Claveles Tijera de Vendimia 00270
17.35€ IVA included

Bahco pruning shears for one hand. Easily replaceable blade and...
Bahco Pradines Tijera Podar p121-23-f
39.00€ IVA included

Two-handed scissors 60 cm .
Bahco Pradines Tijera Podar p16-60-f
89.95€ IVA included

Shears Bahco Pradines of the highest quality . 75 cm . Blade and...
Bahco Pradines Tijera Podar p160-sl-75
99.95€ IVA included

Tijera de podar Bahco con hoja de acero carbono de gran calidad. Hoja...
Bahco Pradines Tijera Podar p3-20-f
58.00€ IVA included

Bahco pruning shears with high quality carbon steel blade. Easily...
Bahco Pradines Tijera Podar p3-23-f
62.00€ IVA included

Kanetsune Japanese scissors special for the art of the flowers...
Kanetsune Tijera Ikebana Basami Koryu kb641
59.00€ IVA included