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Different utensils related to kitchenware.

Brand: Ibili Model: 16342
Garlic jar made of ceramic from the ibili brand. With holes to let the garlic breathe. Jar lid made of hermetic bamboo wood. Measurements: 12x12x11 cm. Weight: 553 grams...
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14201
Charges for cream siphon (10 units). Each charge contains 8 grams of N20 compressed air...
Ex Tax:6.20€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16246
The Cherry Pitter and Strawberry Roller is a 2-in-1 that will save you a lot of time in your kitchen. Especially when you have to pit a lot of cherries or slice a lot of strawberries. This 2-for-1 cookware not only saves you time. It improves your bottom line by reducing wasted juice. Compared..
Ex Tax:9.88€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16406
Fast and efficient mincer from the Ibili brand. It consists of three sharp stainless steel blades, which allows food to be processed quickly and easily, saving time, effort and avoiding staining other utensils. Its compact shape allows it to be stored comfortably. Its non-slip base allows it to..
Ex Tax:18.14€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12585
Doble función: churrera y máquina de pastas. Incluye 20 discos y 6 boquillas para lograr distintos acabados. En acero inoxidable. Capacidad: 12 cm de largo por 5 cm de diámetro...
Ex Tax:18.97€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12294
Citruss press in plastic...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15703
Colador fabricado en acero inoxidable valido para el procesamiento de alimentos. Diámetro de 20 cm...
Ex Tax:14.46€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16494
Roulette to cut pizza. 80 mm. diameter...
Ex Tax:4.30€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14067
Cream siphon 1.0 L. Material: Aluminum Includes two different nozzles. Ideal to prepare different creations based on cream, such as delicious desserts and sauces. Easy to use and clean. How to use and recipes inside. An essential accessory for lovers of the confectionery that thanks to its desi..
Ex Tax:41.28€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16407
The Ibili stainless crumb collector is an ideal product for table cleaning in homes. A single pass allows you to clean the table of crumbs, which are stored in the built-in tank. The blade is thick for greater resistance, and its steel construction ensures great durability...
Ex Tax:5.08€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12596
Set consisting of 2 teacups and 2 black cast iron saucers. Cup with capacity for 80 ml. Measures 5.5 cm high by 8 cm in diameter...
Ex Tax:13.18€
Brand: Ibili Model: 11356
Digital thermometer for all types of food (meat, soups etc.). Possibility of coupling silicone spatula (for chocolate ...) and silicone spoon (soup ...). The cooking thermometer has a high precision sensor: - 50, 300 ° C (-58 to 572 ° F)...
Ex Tax:17.31€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15432
Doughnut maker to make donuts and donuts. Made of high-density plastic. Includes recipe in the box. Dimensions: 18 cm. long by 10 cm. diameter...
Ex Tax:4.92€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12748
Egg spinner built in plastic...
Ex Tax:5.37€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16078
Elastic mesh for meat. Length 200 mm...
Ex Tax:2.89€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16414
Expresso coffee maker 6 Cups of capability. Made of stainless steel...
Ex Tax:19.79€
Brand: Ibili Model: Ibili Cafetera Express 4 Tazas 611304
Expresso coffee maker4 Cups of capability.Made of stainless steel...
Ex Tax:23.93€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16128
Expresso coffee maker 6 Cups of capability. Made of stainless steel...
Ex Tax:28.06€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12551
Exprimidor de la casa Ibili. Ergonómico, pequeño y práctico. ..
Ex Tax:4.92€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15430
Steam basket adaptable to pots from 15 to 24 cm. diameter. Made of stainless steel. Very easy to use, put 2 fingers of water in the pot, place the basket, add the vegetables, fish or any other food you want to cook, cover the pot and in a few minutes we will have the food ready keeping its ori..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12935
Stainless 5,5 cm..
Ex Tax:3.31€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12858
Filtro de recambio para la tetera japonesa. 7cm. Acero Inoxidable...
Ex Tax:3.31€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14837
Stainless steel fish peeler. Total length: 235 mm. The scale scraper helps to clean the fish easily, head with sawtooth eliminates scales of a single movement. It has a hook ring on the knob for draining...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12604
Anti-splash microwave cover. Foldable 2 positions. Silicone material. Measures 25,5 mm...
Ex Tax:15.29€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15096
Granite mortar of the Ibili brand.   Measures: 13x8..
Ex Tax:20.62€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16252
Grill plate made of 5 mm thick cast aluminum with an 18% stainless steel bottom to prepare all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables. For a low-fat diet. Composed of PFOA-free stone-style non-stick coating for a healthy and ecological diet. Suitable for all types of fires: induction, vitro, electric ..
Ex Tax:28.06€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14203
Pepper mill 15cm high made of wood, with a classic and elegant design. The wood perfectly preserves the freshness and smell of pepper. The grinding wheel is made of steel, so this grinder is practically eternal...
Ex Tax:9.50€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16563
Ice cream moulds. Plastic materials. Dimensions 7x15 Heigh: 10 cm. Recipe included.  ..
Ex Tax:4.96€
Brand: Ibili Model: 792400
Ice crusher in plastic and stainless steel...
Ex Tax:34.67€
Ibili Iman Soporte Cuchillos 740455
Out of Stock
Brand: Ibili Model: 12336
Magnetic support. Total leght 555 mm...
Ex Tax:8.68€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16679
Induction-glass ceramic adapter. Handle: bakelite. Diametre: 12 cm. Allows the use of flat-bottomed coffee machines on induction burners that are not suitable for induction alone. Do not use without a container on it. Do not use as a grill. Do not use coffee makers that expose more than 2cm o..
Ex Tax:15.66€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14066
Ibili Stainless Squeezer. Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel. It measures 10 cms. in diameter and has a capacity of 0.4 liters...
Ex Tax:14.01€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12474
Roll of kneading with steel plate, non-stick. Measure 45cm...
Ex Tax:9.88€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14052
Juicer for lemons and limes that allows us to extract all the juice with very little effort, perfect for use in cocktails, kitchen and pastry...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14226
Food Carrier Lunch Away Green. 100% hermetic 5Lt. 2 Containers Interior lined with thermal insulation. Removable shoulder strap. 2 pockets Separator space for fruit, drink or dairy. Polyester..
Ex Tax:20.25€
Brand: Ibili Model: 11258
Camping lunchbox made of stainless steel. It includes two stainless steel plates. Snap. Measure 160 mm. diameter.        ..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16429
Adjustable mandolin with cuff Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel Blade Length: 32cm Ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables for salads and stews. Thickness adjustments for cutting from 1mm to 3.5mm for slicing or strip cutting thanks to removable julienne blades.Adjust thickness in julienne mod..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14774
60 cm nylon reusable pastry sleeve. Quantity 1 unit. Suitable for catering...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12459
60 cm nylon reusable pastry sleeve. Quantity 1 unit. Suitable for catering...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12466
Pack de 10 mangas desechables y 6 boquillas de plástico de dos formas y tres tamaños...
Ex Tax:4.96€
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