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Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14797
200 mm MOVA stainless steel blade. long Total length: 330 mm. Handle: polyoxymethylene (POM). 3 Claveles house kitchen knife with 200 m blade. long in stainless steel and polyoxymethylene handle...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14206
300 mm. MOVA stainless steel blade. long. Sheet thickness: 1.5 mm. Total length: 415 mm. Handle: POM. Specific knife for filleting ham or salmon with alveolate stainless steel blade (aerators). Round tip...
Ex Tax:25.62€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 01667
Set of kitchen knives from the 3 Claveles brand from its Forgé series. Includes 5 knives and 1 kitchen scissors. Ash wood stand.Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Handle: pom. support: wood...
Ex Tax:163.64€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 1198
Kukri with 200 mm. stainless steel blade long. Rigid PVC cover. Small knife included that go inside the scabbard. Total length of the blade 305 mm...
Ex Tax:32.64€
A&R Zlatoust Bekas birch A&R Zlatoust Bekas birch
Out of Stock
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: 7160
Cuchillo ruso A&R con hoja de acero inoxidable 95X18 de 135 mm. de largo (120 de filo) y 2,5 mm. de espesor. Empuñadura de madera de abedul con hueco para colocar cordon fiador. Largo total 260 mm. Funda de cuero marron para el cinto con anclaje a dos alturas...
Ex Tax:86.78€
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: 6929
140 mm. 95x18 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2,5 mm. Overall: 262 mm. Handles: leather. Weight: 146 grs. Sheath: leather...
Ex Tax:81.82€
A&R Zlatoust Boyarin birch A&R Zlatoust Boyarin birch
Out of Stock
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: 6924
Hoja de acero inoxidable 95x18 de285 mm. de largo. Espesor de hoja: 6 mm. Largo total: 428 mm. Empuñadura de madera de abedul con separadores de cuero guarda  y pomo de acero, incluye hueco para colocar cordon fiador. Peso:grs. Funda:de cuero marron para el cinto. ..
Ex Tax:143.47€
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: Kukri Cuero
Russian A&R Zlatoust knife of kukri type with 50X14M stainless steel blade with engravings. Pressed leather blade grip.Materials: Blade: 50x14m stainless steel. Handle: leather. Sheath: leather.Lanyard hole.  Measurements: Blade: 280 mm. Overall: 412 mm. Tickness: 6 mm. Weight: 56..
Ex Tax:161.16€
A&R Zlatoust Eger leather A&R Zlatoust Eger leather
Out of Stock
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: 6927
Materials:Blade: 95x18 stainless steel.Handle: leather.Sheath: leather.Measurements:Blade: 145 mm.Overall: 275 mm.Tickness: 4 mm.Weight: 185 grs.Made in Russia. ..
Ex Tax:98.35€
A&R Zlatoust Finka nkvd leather A&R Zlatoust Finka nkvd leather
Out of Stock
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: 11708
130 mm. 95x18 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4 mm. Overall: 248 mm. Handles: leather. Weight: 145 grs. Sheath: leather. Made in Russia...
Ex Tax:89.26€
A&R Zlatoust Gepard Elm A&R Zlatoust Gepard Elm
Out of Stock
Brand: A&R Zlatoust Model: Gepard Elm
Materials:Blade: 95x18 stainless steel.Handle: elm.Sheath: leather. Measurements: Blade: 132 mm. Overall: 255 mm. Tickness: 3 mm. Weight: 165 grs. Made in Russia. ..
Ex Tax:76.03€