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3 Claveles

Bueno Hermanos, S.A. began its business activity in 1930. The seven Bueno brothers gave rise to the birth of a small artisan workshop in Eibar (Guipúzcoa). During the first stage, production was mainly focused on scissors for domestic use: manicure, nails, work, etc. It established itself in the national market through its 3 CLAVELES brand, which was already beginning to be known as a synonym for quality and good work. Subsequently, as a consequence of its constant growth, the Bueno family decides to move its headquarters to Logroño (La Rioja) where since then they have carried out their work, expanding their number and variety of products and, little by little, beginning to make the first exports to a A growing number of countries on the five continents, until today when its catalog includes, in addition to scissors for many more tasks -Kitchen, hairdressing, professionals- professional and home cutlery, hairdressing accessories etc., etc. always using the best materials and techniques to become the great brand that it is today, widely known throughout the world for the quality of its products.

Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15466
Uniblock hatchet to cut pieces of meat. Stainless steel, with the blade to the end of the handle. With black POM handle. Available in measures of: 16 cm. - sheet thickness 4 mm...
Ex Tax:49.17€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Tabla de corte
Bamboo cutting board. To cut and chop food.Measurements: 40cm x 30cm x 2cm.Protects the edge of knives.Always place on a flat surface...
Ex Tax:11.57€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8831
Metallic razor knife with handle of nylon of 15 cm. Of total length. Safety closing. Presented in blister pack...
Ex Tax:2.07€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11395
Maletin de transporte para cuchillos. Valido para 10 piezas. Incluye asa para transportarlo. Cierres de velcro. Incluye apartado para poner el nombre. (no incluye cuchillos)..
Ex Tax:36.36€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11384
Scissors 3.5 "straight blade stainless baby nail with a rounded tip. Total length 90 mm...
Ex Tax:4.92€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13452
180mm stainless steel blade. long. Largototal: 310mm.Empuñadura: Plastico.Peso: 27grs.Funda: Not included...
Ex Tax:12.23€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13453
220 mm stainless steel blade. long. Sheet thickness: 3 mm. Total length: 350mm. Handle: Prolipropylene. Weight: 157 grs. Case: Not included...
Ex Tax:15.66€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 6388
Cuchillo jamonero 3 Claveles con hoja de acero inoxidable de 300 mm. Largo total 415 mm. Cachas de pom color negro...
Ex Tax:21.90€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 10633
Offer kitchen set of 4 knives, kitchen scissors and magnetic stand to the wall. Knives with stainless steel blade.It includes:Chopper kitchen knife Carving knifeBread knifePeeler knife Stainless kitchen scissorsMagnetic support..
Ex Tax:41.31€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7102
Alicate de uñas 3 Claveles, realizado en acero. Longitud de 145 mm...
Ex Tax:43.76€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15458
Silicone whisk to prepare sauces, bechamel, pastry, ... Resistant to high and low temperatures. -40ºC Min. 230ºC Max. Does not scratch surfaces. It can be hung. BPA Free...
Ex Tax:3.18€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8775
Pack of 10 blades for cepicallos ref. 12370. Stainless steel...
Ex Tax:2.69€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Pinzas de depilar
Crab Plucking Tweezers 10 cm.The crab tip allows a better view of the hair for easier removal.Always epilate in the direction of hair growth.Stainless steel.Color blue...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11456
Bol shaving stainless steel. Measure 95 mm x 50 mm...
Ex Tax:13.06€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Cuchillo deshuesar
Professional boning knife of the 3 Claveles brandMaterials:Blade: Stainless steel.Handle: Prolipylene.Measures:Blade length: 130 mm.Overall length: 265 mm.Sheet thickness: 3 mm.Weight: 119 grams...
Ex Tax:14.46€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15510
Stainless steel bladeNarrow blade boning knife. Comfort, maximum hygiene and safety with the Proflex-Microban handle. At 3 Claveles we have managed to unify the properties of PROFLEX and MICROBAN, a high-quality thermoplastic material and antibacterial technology, to create a cutting tool of the hig..
Ex Tax:16.12€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 12942
210mm Long Colour - Black..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8804
Lima of nails in carbon of 15 cm...
Ex Tax:3.14€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14751
Plastic holder for shaving brushes. 70 mm...
Ex Tax:1.61€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Cuchillo Carnicero
Professional butcher knife of the 3 Claveles brandMaterials:Blade: Stainless steel.Handle: Prolipylene.Measures:Blade length: 180 mm.Overall length: 305mm.Sheet thickness: 2 mm.Weight: 148 grams...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13701
240mm stainless steel blade. long. Sheet thickness: 4mm. Total length: 380mm. Handgrip: Prolipopileno. Weight: 220 grams...
Ex Tax:20.25€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13698
260 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4 mm. Overall: 400 mm. Handles: polipropileno. ..
Ex Tax:16.94€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 3 Claveles Alicate Carbono 5'' 12132
3 Claveles brand forged carbon steel pliers.Provides a clean cut for fingernails and toenails. Curved mouths to respect the natural growth of the nail, which allows an easy and comfortable cut.Measures:Legnth: 12cm..
Ex Tax:25.58€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 16219
Ideal for carving, this stainless steel fork helps to hold roast for cutting and serving. It is also very useful for holding large pieces of meat, such as a sirloin, while they are browning in the pan or casserole. Measurements Fork length: 200 mm. Total length: 320 mm...
Ex Tax:16.12€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7584
200 mm. Ceramic (zirconium oxide) blade. Tickness: 1,5 mm. Overall: 330 mm. Handles:  wood. Weight: 134 grs...
Ex Tax:33.02€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13697
110 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2 mm. Overall: 225 mm. Handles: POM. ..
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14075
Professional chromed nutcracker brand 3 Claveles, 16cm...
Ex Tax:4.09€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8798
3 Claveles Tijera Limpiauvas Agriculture Carbon Steel - Handle Laminated - Forged CalienteAVELES CLEAN GRAPES SCISSORS 03292..
Ex Tax:5.87€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11371
Corer - Diameter 16 mm - Stainless steel. - To remove the central part of the fruit. - Very useful for preparing baked apples or fruit tarts. - Dishwasher safe...
Ex Tax:4.09€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8803
 3 Claveles Corkscrew Chef 17cm...
Ex Tax:5.17€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7154
Acero Inoxidable - Forjado en Caliente - Muelle y Anclaje Referencia: 00588 Medida : 6.8" - 17 cm..
Ex Tax:14.67€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 16139
Blade: stainless steel. Handle: plastic fiber. Measurements Blade length: 200 mm. Total length: 330 mm. Blade thickness: 3 mm. Weight: 159 grs. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:13.18€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14797
200 mm MOVA stainless steel blade. long Total length: 330 mm. Handle: polyoxymethylene (POM). 3 Claveles house kitchen knife with 200 m blade. long in stainless steel and polyoxymethylene handle...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 12366
Cuchillo para cortar quesos cremosos o también para paté, membrillo y otros alimentos. Hoja: 120mm. Largo total:240mm...
Ex Tax:27.23€
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