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Different utensils related to kitchenware.

Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Tabla de corte
Bamboo cutting board. To cut and chop food.Measurements: 40cm x 30cm x 2cm.Protects the edge of knives.Always place on a flat surface...
Ex Tax:11.57€
Brand: Ibili Model: 662220
Oslo Pump pot with stainless steel lid 20 cm Material: stainless steel. Inox handles and handle. Encapsulated diffuser bottom For electric / gas cookers, glass ceramic and induction. Capacity: 4.5 l Lid with holes for steam. Dishwasher safe. Warranty: 2 years..
Ex Tax:26.41€
Brand: Ibili Model: 758450q
Ibili thermal bottle 758450ndouble wall thermal bottle18/10 stainless steelhermetic vacuumBPA freeKeeps liquid hot or cold for 8 to 10 hoursMeasures:26cm tall500ml capacity..
Ex Tax:12.36€
Brand: Ibili Model: 758450n
Ibili thermal bottle 758450ndouble wall thermal bottle18/10 stainless steelhermetic vacuumBPA freeKeeps liquid hot or cold for 8 to 10 hoursMeasures:26cm tall500ml capacity..
Ex Tax:12.36€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15458
Silicone whisk to prepare sauces, bechamel, pastry, ... Resistant to high and low temperatures. -40ºC Min. 230ºC Max. Does not scratch surfaces. It can be hung. BPA Free...
Ex Tax:3.18€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 16219
Ideal for carving, this stainless steel fork helps to hold roast for cutting and serving. It is also very useful for holding large pieces of meat, such as a sirloin, while they are browning in the pan or casserole. Measurements Fork length: 200 mm. Total length: 320 mm...
Ex Tax:16.12€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Espatula
Silicone legua spatula from the brand 3 Claveles.Dimensions: 24.5 cm.Handle: Polystyrene.BPA free...
Ex Tax:2.89€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8817
Gouge 1135.Molibdeno Vanadium Steel Professional 23 Inch...
Ex Tax:37.19€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11355
Universal knife wad fibers up to 200 mm sheet length. It can be disassembled and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Measuring 220 mm x 110 mm. Dark gray...
Ex Tax:18.18€
Aqua Nova Manual Water Pump 32738
Out of Stock
Brand: Import A.D. Model: 8199
Supports water dispenser bottles of 5 and 8 liters. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight with this comfortable dispenser. Only take out the water directly pressing the spleen. Also suitable for other beverages...
Ex Tax:7.44€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9713
Stainless steel. Popypropilene handles...
Ex Tax:32.64€
Brand: Arcos Model: 10137
Manual cheese cutter with blade edge of stainless steel...
Ex Tax:7.64€
Brand: Arcos Model: 794300
Flat bamboo block to safely store knives inside drawers, ideal for saving space in the kitchen. Capacity to store up to ten knives.Measures:Length: 430mm.Width: 135mm.Height: 40mm...
Ex Tax:36.78€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9526
Universal knife support...
Ex Tax:27.69€
Brand: Arcos Model: Arcos
Universal plug made of plastic with thermoplastic rubber fiber interior.Removable and easy to clean. Suitable for all ARCOS knives up to a blade length of 20 cm...
Ex Tax:28.93€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9481
Arcos knife support. Universal...
Ex Tax:28.93€
Brand: Boj Model: 14259
High quality bud separator in stainless steel 18/8...
Ex Tax:4.13€
Brand: Ibili Model: Mantequillera
Full stainless steel butter or butter dish with lid.Measurements: 19 x 12 cm...
Ex Tax:11.36€
Model: 16273
Cereal and seed grinder.   Ceramic cutting blade. With infinitely variable thickness adjustment. Ideal for grains such as poppy, sesame, chia seeds, linseed, green spelled grain and quinoa. With screw clamp to anchor to the table or workplace.   Measurements: 202 x 78 x 169 mm..
Ex Tax:28.06€
Model: 10130
Accurate cutting cheese and foie lyre. Clean cuts for an exclellent presentation. Done in stainless. Dimensions: 20 cm...
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 11076
Churrera in stainless steel with handle of wood, to elaborate light doughnut rings. Measures of capacity: diameter 70 mm, total length 250 mm...
Ex Tax:32.23€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 10812
Churrera in stainless steel with handle of wood, to elaborate light doughnut rings. Measures of capacity: diameter 60 mm, total length 160 mm...
Ex Tax:23.97€
Citric Spray fik 038 Citric Spray fik 038
Out of Stock
Model: 11017
Atomizer of juice of lemon for salad and coktail...
Ex Tax:4.34€
Model: 16244
Cutting board with handle and catch. Measurements: 29 x 14 x 0.7 cm..
Ex Tax:21.45€
Brand: Elma Model: 16339
Portable gas stove perfect for outdoor activities. It can be used with both a gas cartridge and a cylinder, thanks to the connector it incorporates. Includes carrying case. Variable flame regulator. Easy to clean: removable enamelled drip tray. Dimensions: 34 x 28 x 11 cm. Weight: 1.7 kg...
Ex Tax:21.90€
Encendedor Llama Recargable 334444
Out of Stock
Model: 14737
Con pulsador de llama continua Gas incluido Recargable..
Ex Tax:1.61€
Gsc Automatic Water Dispenser 401045011
Out of Stock
Brand: GSC Model: 401045011
DispensadorAutomatic water dispenser for bottles from 5 to 10 liters. USB rechargeable battery.It includes:USB Cable.ON/OFF button1200 mAh battery.Valid for bottles of 37 mm./ 58 mm...
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Ibili Model: Ibili Inox Mortero 72260
Ibili Staninless Steel Mortar.Staninless Steel pestle and mortar.Mortar 13.20cm Diameter7.5 cm highRubber base 9 cm..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Brand: Ibili Model: Ibili 908405 Taza y Platillo Bordeaux
Retro style cup and saucer made of Bordeaux enameled steel.Dishwasher safe.Measures:Height: 45mm.Diameter: 50mm...
Ex Tax:4.75€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14055
The best way to measure and save oil. Spray function to dress salads, grease grills or pastry molds, etc. Pourer function for frying, etc. Turn the lid slightly to select the desired function...
Ex Tax:7.40€
Brand: Ibili Model: Adaptador
Adaptador inducción-vitrocerámica de acero inoxidable.Diametro: 24 cm.Permite utilizar en fuegos de inducción cafeteras y ollas de fondo liso que no son aptas para inducción por sí solas.No utilizar sin recipiente encima.No usar como grill.Idéntico al fondo difusor de una olla.Recomendado para los r..
Ex Tax:23.93€
Brand: Ibili Model: clip para bolsas
Set of four clamps or clips to close grocery bags. They allow food to stay fresh for longer. BPA free plastic...
Ex Tax:2.81€
Brand: Ibili Model: 752050
100% Natural Bamboo wood mortar. Excellent for mixing and macerating spices, herbs, condiments... even meat and fish in the traditional way. Measures: Height: 15cm Diameter: 15cm..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14769
High precision digital scale. Display mode g (grams) oz (ounces) lb: oz (pounds) LCD display Automatic / manual disconnection. Power using 2 AA batteries (included). Measurements: Length 180 mm Width 140 mm High 180 mm ..
Ex Tax:14.83€
Brand: Ibili Model: Set Sartenes
Lot of Inducta Pans 18+20+24 cms.Material: Aluminum with two non-stick coatings. 18% stainless steel bottom. Bakelite handle.For all types of fires. Special for induction.Bottom diameter: 10 cm (18 cm), 12 cm (20 cm) and 15 cm (24 cm).Induction diameter max. recommended: 14.5 cm (18 and 20 cm frying..
Ex Tax:37.15€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12457
Stainless beater 12 bars of 40 cm indicated for catering...
Ex Tax:7.02€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15570
Bag to cook vegetables, pasta, rice, cereals, vegetables or meats ... separately and at the same time. Ideal for blanching tomatoes, eggs, etc. Suitable for normal and pressure cookers (thermo-resistant: -40ºC / + 240ºC). Flexible and very easy to wash and store. Does not absorb or add flavors or od..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: Ibili Model: Cacerola
Ibili brand pumped steam casserole.Material: Stainless steel.Handles and handle: Stainless Steel.Encapsulated diffuser bottom.For electric, gas, ceramic hob and induction.Diameter : 24cmCapacity : 3.5lLid with steam holes.Dishwasher safe...
Ex Tax:43.76€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12478
Set de 6 boquillas surtidas, 3 lisas y 3 rizadas. Medidas 6-11-18 mm. (lisas) 8-14-16 mm. (rizadas)..
Ex Tax:5.37€
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