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Training Weapons

All kinds of training weapons related to personal defense.

Brand: Cold Steel Model: 9580
Weight: 12 oz.Length: 8 5/8"Width: 1"Height: 5 3/4"Material: Green Colored PolypropyleneHammer Down, Safety Off. We have had a dedicated training facility at our Cold Steel HQ for over 20 years, and countless Martial Artists, Weapons Consultants, Military and Law Enforcement Personnel and Professio..
Ex Tax:22.31€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 12314
The Cold Steel African Walking Stick features some of the finest features of the traditional Zulu Kerrie – the undulating shaft, and distinctive geodesic ball - but instead of using expensive exotic hardwoods, we’ve made ours out of high-impact Polypropylene..
Ex Tax:42.11€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 14211
Guru Ron Balicki has had a long association with Cold Steel, and his contributions to our success have been invaluable. Ron is known world-wide for his vast knowledge of Filipino Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Boxe Française, Silat, Shootfighting, and Degerberg Mixed Martial Arts, as well as being the f..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Cold Steel Blackthorn Iris Walking Stick cs91pbs
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15478
Overall length: 37". Black polypropylene construction. Faux wood handle. Hang packaged...
Ex Tax:48.76€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15815
Dimensions: 27"; Construction: Polypropylene; Color: Black; Weight: 20.1oz; Other Info: Bark-like wood texture with raised "clipped thorns" on the shaft. Highly polished faux-wood head. Hang Packaged...
Ex Tax:36.32€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 14388
59"; Construction: Polypropylene; Weight: 48oz; Other Info: 2.75" head. 1" base. 1.375" neck. Inspired by an over-sized staff in the private collection of our company President Lynn C. Thompson, our newest member of the Blackthorn family is the biggest stick we've ever made! The new Blackthorn Staff..
Ex Tax:57.81€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 8576
Bate construido en polipropileno de gran resistencia.Medida: 86 cm. Peso: 1140 grs.   ..
Ex Tax:40.50€
Cold Steel City Stick cs91sta
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 5878
Baston de fibra de vidrio con cabeza de aluminio 6160 anodizado pulido a espejo.Cabeza desmontable a rosca. Incluye taco de goma antideslizante para el extremo.Largo total 96 cm. Peso 435 grs.  ..
Ex Tax:76.03€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 1911
The Cold Steel Escrima Stick resembles a traditional rattan stick used by Filipino Martial Artists in length, weight, and cross section. Injection molded from super tough black high-impact polypropylene, it weighs a little over 15 ounces and measures 32" long and 1" in diameter. Our Cold Steel Escr..
Ex Tax:30.58€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15333
Walking stick. Aluminium and reinforced fiber handle.Overall: 95,5 cm.Weight: 162..
Ex Tax:39.67€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 12916
615 mm. overall. Polypropylene. 1055 carbon steel insert...
Ex Tax:48.76€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 671
Cold Steel Koga SD1 Self defense tool. 7 1/4" overall. Black reinforced nylon construction. Weighs only 4.1 oz. Hang packaged...
Ex Tax:11.57€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 1762
The Cold Steel Koga SD series are made of a high-impact polymer, and are designed to function as an aid in leverage when restraining an individual, and obtaining joint locks or submission holds. But they also serve as an admirable “intermediate impact tool”..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 4334
Permanent marker that can be used in cases of emergency for personal defense. Built in "Grivory" Includes hook clip. Total length 165 mm...
Ex Tax:7.85€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 673
Sjambok of black color of the house Cold steel. Manufactured with a kraton handle and a leather body covered with P.V.C. Total measurement 108 cm...
Ex Tax:33.02€
Cold Steel Sjambok 54 cs95slb
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 2383
Sjambok of black color of the house Cold steel. Manufactured with a kraton handle and a leather body covered with P.V.C. Total measurement 138 cm...
Ex Tax:23.14€
Cold Steel Suburito cs92bkm
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15335
The Suburito is a specialized ancient training weapon that’s meant to simulate the weight of a real Japanese sword. Primarily intended for solo practice or cutting drills, it inspires respect, as it hits with terrific force. Important: price for one unit pieze...
Ex Tax:37.19€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 9629
Training knife. One piece rubber construction. Blade 205 mm. Overall: 332 mm. Weight: 94 grs. ..
Ex Tax:11.16€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 10159
Bokken polypropylene.  Overall: 106 cm. Handles: polipropilene. Weight: 600 grs.      ..
Ex Tax:33.02€
Cold Steel Training Dagger cs92bkd
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 4928
Daga de entrenamiento de polipropileno de gran resistencia. Largo total 50 cm. Doble guarda desmontable...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 6325
Espada construida en polipropileno especial para entrenamiento. Alta resistencia. Largo total 790 mm...
Ex Tax:37.19€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 4224
Cold Steel Training Hand and a Half Sword. 44" overall. 34" blade. Black polypropylene construction...
Ex Tax:41.28€
Cold Steel Training Kerambit cs92r49
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 11569
115 mm. santoprene blade. Overall: 230 mm. Handles: santoprene. Special for training...
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 11568
290 mm. santoprene construction blade. Overall: 440 mm. Handles: .santoprene. Training knife...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Cold Steel Training Laredo Bowie cs92r16ccb
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 7177
Cuchillo de goma Cold Steel para entrenamiento. Hoja de 270 mm. Largo total 405 mm. Empuñadura 129 mm...
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 6112
Leatherneck-SF Trainer Specifications: Blade Length: 7" Overall Length: 12" Material: Santoprene Weight: 4.1 oz Model: 92R39LSF..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 9579
mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: mm. Overall: mm. Handles: . Weight: grs. Sheath:..
Ex Tax:15.66€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 16317
The Buckler is a small historically inspired shield about the size of a large dinner plate. Cold Steels sturdy training replica has a thick, raised boss to protect the hand, and a rugged handle that will withstand plenty hard of use. Hugely popular with HEMA practitioners and Historical re-enactors...
Ex Tax:40.50€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 11567
255 mm. santoprene construction blade. Overall: 415 mm. Handles: santoprene. Training dagger...
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 5646
Cold Steel training sword to 1000 mm. (1 meter) in total length. 790 mm sheet. (79 cm.). It includes removable guard...
Ex Tax:41.28€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 3642
Knife of rubber for training with leaf of 175 mm. Of long, long total 300 mm., inoffensive. He answers of the famous model of cold steel...
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 4927
Training Bokken built in high strength polypropylene. Total length 115 cm. It includes tsuba. Price by unit...
Ex Tax:41.28€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 11409
18 1/2" overall. 12 1/8" blade. Constructed of black polypropylene construction. Bulk packed...
Ex Tax:18.18€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 1029
Construction: Santoprene; Color: Black; Overall: 11.625"; Blade: 6.75" | Rubber; Handle: Black | Rubber; Other Info: One piece rubber construction. Lanyard hole. Used as a training tool..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Cold Steel Training Staff cs91es
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15113
Thanks to pioneering innovations in the world of high-strength polymer production Cold Steel is proud to offer our first synthetic training staff! Our company President Lynn C. Thompson found that a hard wearing octagonal “Okinawan style” Japanese Staff was an excellent training tool for cross-train..
Ex Tax:42.98€
Cold Steel Training Trench Hawk cs92bkpth
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 10157
Training Tomahawk. santoprene constuction. Overall: 515 mm. Weight: 440 grs.      ..
Ex Tax:19.83€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: Walkabout Stick cs91walkz
Throughout history, every culture has had their own interpretation of the quintessential walking stick. From the city gentleman to the hard-working farmer, every man had a stick! These awesome tools were once incredibly commonplace, but sadly carrying a stick fell from popular fashion. Weve long cha..
Ex Tax:37.19€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 10158
Polypropylene. Overall: 500 mm...
Ex Tax:26.45€
Fusta Cuero 34651
Out of Stock
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 12680
Fusta de fibra vestida de cuero. Medida total 81cm...
Ex Tax:10.70€
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