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Walking sticks

Model: 15567
Detachable stick type stick (stretching each section) and adjustable in height. Adjustable height adjustable between 96 cm. and 85 mm. full length. Includes securing cord to put on the wrist. Non-slip rubber pad included.  ..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Model: 13156
Staff or mountain bungee or chestnut wood hiking. Total measure approximately 128 cm. (they are never the same).At the lower end it includes a tip or steel tip with field skewer.They are sent according to availability, lighter or darker...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Model: 11497
For cane to mayor with silk cord...
Ex Tax:41.28€
Model: 10096
Command or mayor baton with octagonal nickel silver handle. Colored black beech wood. Hole in the upper part lined with nickel silver to hang the mayor tassels. Overall 945 mm. Materials:Handle: brass.Stick: beech wood.We have other models of baton, ask us...
Ex Tax:123.14€
Model: 10077
Curved stick in one piece chestnut wood with knots. Metal ferrule for the field. 93 cm long..
Ex Tax:13.64€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 8230
Baston mount with adjustable height. It can be set from 1.35 m. to 65 cm. closed. Carbide tipped great duration. Rubber grip with wrist fastener...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 12314
The Cold Steel African Walking Stick features some of the finest features of the traditional Zulu Kerrie – the undulating shaft, and distinctive geodesic ball - but instead of using expensive exotic hardwoods, we’ve made ours out of high-impact Polypropylene..
Ex Tax:41.28€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15478
Overall length: 37". Black polypropylene construction. Faux wood handle. Hang packaged...
Ex Tax:52.89€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15815
Dimensions: 27"; Construction: Polypropylene; Color: Black; Weight: 20.1oz; Other Info: Bark-like wood texture with raised "clipped thorns" on the shaft. Highly polished faux-wood head. Hang Packaged...
Ex Tax:36.32€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 14388
59"; Construction: Polypropylene; Weight: 48oz; Other Info: 2.75" head. 1" base. 1.375" neck. Inspired by an over-sized staff in the private collection of our company President Lynn C. Thompson, our newest member of the Blackthorn family is the biggest stick we've ever made! The new Blackthorn Staff..
Ex Tax:57.81€
Cold Steel City Stick cs91sta
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 5878
Baston de fibra de vidrio con cabeza de aluminio 6160 anodizado pulido a espejo.Cabeza desmontable a rosca. Incluye taco de goma antideslizante para el extremo.Largo total 96 cm. Peso 435 grs.  ..
Ex Tax:78.51€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 14389
Our Dragon Walking Stick is modeled after an antique carved stick from our company Presidents private collection, and painstakingly reproduced using expensive, hand-engraved custom molds. The level of detail is astonishing, with scales running the full length of the undulating shaft, and a fearsome ..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Cold Steel Heavy Duty Cane cs91pbx
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 15333
Walking stick. Aluminium and reinforced fiber handle.Overall: 95,5 cm.Weight: 162..
Ex Tax:39.67€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 14390
37 5/8" overall. Black finish 11 layer fiberglass shaft with rubber tip. Polished finish 6160 aluminum head...
Ex Tax:86.78€
Cold Steel Walkabout Stick cs91walkz
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: Walkabout Stick cs91walkz
Throughout history, every culture has had their own interpretation of the quintessential walking stick. From the city gentleman to the hard-working farmer, every man had a stick! These awesome tools were once incredibly commonplace, but sadly carrying a stick fell from popular fashion. Weve long cha..
Ex Tax:37.19€
Cordon Fiador para baston negro a037n
Out of Stock
Model: 10078
Cord strap fastener or cane. It fits any club with elastic ring. 170 mm long...
Ex Tax:2.48€
Brand: Eberhard Gobel Model: 16620
Despite its incredible light weight, this trekking umbrella is highly resistant and practically unbreakable. For the manufacture of this new trekking umbrella, the latest generation materials were used following a first quality production process and taking into account two very important aspects: m..
Ex Tax:32.23€
Eberhard Gobel Umbrella Swing Liteflex Black Eberhard Gobel Umbrella Swing Liteflex Black
Out of Stock
Brand: Eberhard Gobel Model: 16624
Despite its incredible light weight, this trekking umbrella is highly resistant and practically unbreakable. For the manufacture of this new trekking umbrella, the latest generation materials were used following a first quality production process and taking into account two very important aspects: m..
Ex Tax:32.23€
Model: 8718
Mountain cane with a spike at its end made of chestnut wood with a deer antler handle with a rosette.Approximate measurement 98 cm. (they are never exact, they are artisanal)..
Ex Tax:30.58€
Gayata Almez 504
Out of Stock
Model: 8717
Gayata natural hackberry. Approximate height 94 cm. (are never exact because its handmade manufacture)..
Ex Tax:6.20€
Mayor's Command Staff Case Mayor's Command Staff Case
Out of Stock
Model: 11339
Case for baton or mayor made by hand in wood with an exterior imitation leather finish in burgundy color and with a white silk interior with support support for the cane.Measurements: 980 x 100 x 50 mm.Important: Does not include the cane, only as a sample.  ..
Ex Tax:95.04€
Model: 10065
Command baton or mayor with octagonal brass handle. The stick is made of beech wood colored in mahogany. Hole in the upper part lined with golden brass to hang the mayor's tassels. The command baton or command stick, also called maniple, is a protocol complement that denotes in the person who carrie..
Ex Tax:74.34€
Model: 804-18
Rubber tip or plug for cane. (pressure mounts). Price by unit.Measurement: 16 mm...
Ex Tax:0.83€
Model: 804-18
Rubber tip or plug for cane. (pressure mounts). Price by unit.Measurement: 18 mm...
Ex Tax:0.83€
Stick Horse Ebane 479 Stick Horse Ebane 479
Out of Stock
Model: 10080
Cane crutch guy horse head carved in ebony and olive wood. Stick beech lacquered black. Total length 93 cm...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Model: 10079
Horse-headed cane carved from olive wood. Beech stick with olive color. Total length 93 cm...
Ex Tax:41.28€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Blackthorn Shillelagh Cane
United Cutlery has recreated the traditional Blackthorn Shillelagh fighting stick in dramatic detail with this stunning shillelagh fighting cane! Any Irishman would walk tall and stand proud with this shillelagh in his hand. Crafted in a traditional shillelagh design, complete with gnarled accents t..
Ex Tax:55.37€
Victorinox Paraguas 9.6079 blue Victorinox Paraguas 9.6079 blue
-10 % Out of Stock
Brand: Victorinox Model: 9764
Victorinox Swiss umbrella in navy blue with silver brand logo.Total length of 97.5 cm...
38.70€ 43.00€
Ex Tax:31.98€
Model: 8719
Mountain cane skewer on the end. Chestnut Wood. Approx 96 cm. (are never exact, they are handmade)..
Ex Tax:7.44€
Model: 8749
Reed cane with its natural baton (root of the reed itself).Approximate measure 94 cm. of total length.Important: it is a natural material that cannot be controlled, they are always different, there is not one the same as another...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Model: 8716
Staff carved chestnut wood. Approx 94 cm. (are never exact due to the handmade manufacture)...
Ex Tax:7.44€
Model: 10136
Floral cane largest nickel silver and wood black stick. Finished with conical rubber toe. Weight 300 gr. Diameter 20 mm. Length 93 cm...
Ex Tax:107.40€
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