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Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11384
Scissors 3.5 "straight blade stainless baby nail with a rounded tip. Total length 90 mm...
Ex Tax:4.92€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7102
Alicate de uñas 3 Claveles, realizado en acero. Longitud de 145 mm...
Ex Tax:43.76€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8804
Lima of nails in carbon of 15 cm...
Ex Tax:3.14€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8798
3 Claveles Tijera Limpiauvas Agriculture Carbon Steel - Handle Laminated - Forged CalienteAVELES CLEAN GRAPES SCISSORS 03292..
Ex Tax:5.87€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7154
Acero Inoxidable - Forjado en Caliente - Muelle y Anclaje Referencia: 00588 Medida : 6.8" - 17 cm..
Ex Tax:14.67€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14205
Cuticle pliers of the brand 3 Claveles of 11.5 cm. long. It cuts without tearing the skins that protrude from the nails...
Ex Tax:27.23€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Tijera
Desktop scissors various usesCarbon Steel - Hot Forged9 "inch 23cmNickel plated..
Ex Tax:22.27€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8782
Carbon Steel - PVC handle - Forged Hot - Professional 3 Carnations electrician scissors hot forged carbon steel of high quality. - PVC insulated handles. - High durability sharpening. - Mayor resitencia to oxidation due to the nickel finish. - Wire bender...
Ex Tax:12.36€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8784
Carbon Steel - Nylon Handle - Forged Hot - Professional 3 Carnations electrician scissors forged carbon steel of high quality. - High durability sharpening. - Handle with hand protection injected nylon. - Mayor resitencia to oxidation due to gloss nickel finish. - Wire bender..
Ex Tax:14.83€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7084
Polished kitchen scissors 8 "" hot forged stainless steel to cut all types of food.The micro-serrated edge prevents food from slipping when cut.Total length: 200 mm...
Ex Tax:31.36€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15457
Robust hot-forged kitchen scissors in stainless steel with asymmetric thimbles that allow it to be held more firmly. With Blue Titanium Nitride coating. Ease and efficiency in cutting all types of food and packaging. Cleaning fish, as well as chopping rabbit, game, chicken and all kinds of birds. ..
Ex Tax:60.29€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 9914
100 mm. 420 stainless steel blade. Weight: 248 grs. Overall: 215 mm. Handles: stainless steel. Hot forged. Micro serrated blades.        ..
Ex Tax:47.11€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11180
Kitchen scissors 8 "suitable for all kinds of food stainless steel. Tijera hot forged in one piece of 200 mm. Filo microdentado...
Ex Tax:26.45€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7105
3 claveles tijera para zurdo 6 " niquelada Longitud 160 mm...
Ex Tax:17.77€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14157
Scissors brand 3 Claveles with nickel-plated finish suitable for cutting paper and special for left-handers.  Scissors of the best quality and recommended 100%. Length: 4.5'..
Ex Tax:14.01€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7153
Curved Mastiff 3 Claveles. Ideal for people with problems chewing food. Total length: 175mm 7 "(inches)..
Ex Tax:57.81€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 12210
Vintage scissors and pruning forged in hot. Carbon steel and enamelled handle. Measure 180 mm y 7 "...
Ex Tax:11.57€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 12519
Carbon Steel - Enamelled Handle - Hot Forged for durability. 21cm long...
Ex Tax:12.81€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13574
3 Claveles scissors to carve chickens. Built in stainless steel Central spring that opens the scissors. Overall 240 mm...
Ex Tax:21.28€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14040
scissors 3 Claveles of straight tip 4 ". Nickel-plated finish Blister presentation...
Ex Tax:15.00€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11181
Scissors 8 "carbon steel F-1150 / C55 high performance with PVD coating Titanium Nitride that makes it more resistant to abrasion. Microdentada blade. Total length 200 mm.   Suitable for resistant materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, .....
Ex Tax:50.91€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14049
Scissors 3 Claveles of embroidery and sewing, straight tip size 4 ". Forged in hot, length 10 cm. Fantasy design with stork shaped handles...
Ex Tax:18.14€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14943
3 Claveles hairdressing scissors with microdentate edge. Hot forged in AISI 420 - 4034 Stainless Steel. With a High Hardness HRc 56, good edge length. The 50º Microdentate Edge prevents hair from slipping. Cut safer. The adjustable flat screw allows you to loosen the leaves gently with a screwdriver..
Ex Tax:38.22€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 10668
Kitchen scissors stainless steel of 9.5 inches, with ergonomic handle. Adjustable screw. Total length 240 mm...
Ex Tax:18.14€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7078
Tijera 3 claveles para costura con hoja de 5". Acero carbono. Largo total 125 mm...
Ex Tax:13.43€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7079
Tijera 3 claveles para costura con hoja de 5 1/2". Acero carbono. Largo total 140 mm...
Ex Tax:14.26€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7080
Tijera 3 claveles para costura con hoja de 6". Acero carbono. Largo total 150 mm...
Ex Tax:14.46€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 10653
Forged carbon steel. Overall 160 mm. Made in Spain.        ..
Ex Tax:15.08€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14759
Sewing Scissors brand 3 Claveles (stainless). Size: 15cm Scissors for various uses, sewing or specific work, hot forged in stainless steel...
Ex Tax:21.45€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11160
210 mm. stainless steel blade. Nylon handles.  ..
Ex Tax:22.27€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 00401
Kitchen scissors brand 3 Claveles stainless steel with hot forged enameled handle. 8 Inches of sheet, useful for various uses...
Ex Tax:27.15€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 7085
Tijera de cocina apta para cortar todo tipo de alimentos, limpiar pescado, así como trocear conejo, caza y todo tipo de aves. El filo microdentado evita que se resbalen los alimentos al ser cortados. Esterilizable...
Ex Tax:36.32€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8361
Stainless Steel - Hot Forged. 8"  ..
Ex Tax:53.68€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15077
Zig Zag 3 Claveles scissors...
Ex Tax:6.57€
3 Claveles Tijera Jardinero 00280
Out of Stock
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 15747
Gardener scissors 3 Claveles for small sizes. It opens by itself by spring. Enamelled handles. Total length 200 mm...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 8846
Scissors manicure curls of 4 " forged in warm. Total length 100 mm...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 10937
Dressmaker sewing scissors with double eyelet for two fingers. Constructed forged carbon steel. Total length 185 mm...
Ex Tax:17.31€
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