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Folding blades

The knife is a tool or cutting instrument that bears resemblance to the knife, whose blade or blade is folded inside the handle by means of a pin or pivot so that the blade is protected. This closing mechanism is the main feature that differentiates knives from other white weapons, the blade opens by rotating on its upper end and is held thanks to the different fixing systems. For its part, the hilt or handle of the knife, although it can be formed by a single piece that has a slot in which to hide the blade, it can also be formed by the union of two handles. In both cases the handles are made from a wide variety of materials; different animal horns such as the deer, the mouflon, the bull or the buffalo; in an infinity of woods from different trees and origins such as cocobolo, thuja, olive, rosewood, beech, among many others; metals such as titanium, brass, or stainless steel and other highly resistant synthetic materials, among which micarta stands out, made with cloth or paper and pressed resin.

Speaking of the blades or blades of these pieces, there are also numerous designs and steels for their preparation, in general, these can be stainless or carbon steel and depending on their alloy composition they are determined by different names. Stainless steel is more hygienic and prevents the proliferation of stains along the path of the blade, while carbon steel, although it is easier to resharpen and has greater toughness, is not recommended for use as a tool for eating food.

The easy transport of this knife has made the knife an essential tool that has transcended for generations, becoming the most globally used tool, which is why today very different types are designed, adapting the blades, single or multiple, to the different intended uses, thus, we can find rescue, multipurpose, tactical, seafaring, agricultural, hunting, butterfly, barber and, of course, handcrafted knives.

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