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Utensils for peeling, chopping and chopping food.

Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Aplastador
Professional meat masher of the 3 Claveles brand.Measurements: 12 x 10 cm.Weight: 1200 grams.Forged 1 single piece...
Ex Tax:86.36€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11480
Vegetable peeler with stainless steel blade 65 mm. POM polyoxymethylene handle. Total length 170 mm...
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13939
3-sided grater with different types of grated: Thick. Fine. Superfine Prints. Foldable: Saves space when saving Blades etched in acid: sharper, longer...
Ex Tax:12.36€
Model: 10553
Walking in seconds with a simple movement. Easy to clean, can be introduced into the dishwasher. Measure 280 X 105 mm. Weight 465 grams...
Ex Tax:40.50€
Alligator Mandoline 8001 Alligator Mandoline 8001
Out of Stock
Model: 14020
Ultra-sharp hardened stainless steel blades. Made from high quality, 100% BPA-free food grade, durable reinforced ABS plastic. Designed to be comfortable to operate and clean and dishwasher safe Adjustable slice thickness from 1 to 9mm.    3 and 9 mm mm Julienne Cut & French Fries. Food holder ..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Brand: Arcos Model: 8796
Cleaner to peel vegetables, of leaf in stainless steel with handle of polypropylene...
Ex Tax:3.51€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9702
440 stainless steel blade...
Ex Tax:136.32€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9701
Stainless steel. For fish. 262 mm...
Ex Tax:18.14€
Brand: Arcos Model: 10749
Vegetable peeler julienne, with tilting head...
Ex Tax:3.88€
Brand: Arcos Model: 9714
Tomato and vegetable peeler Arcos. Stainless steel...
Ex Tax:4.55€
Brand: Boj Model: 12899
Boj peeler. ..
Ex Tax:2.44€
Cutting board  polyethylene 350x250x20
Out of Stock
Model: 12097
Cutting table suitable for domestic and professional use, made with PE-HD sanitary polyethylene, according to CE and BGA standards in food. Main properties: high chemical resistance, resistance to corrosion, resistance to light and atmospheric agents and high resistance to abrasion. It has on the ..
Ex Tax:12.40€
Model: 10131
Container methacrylate, with built-in mechanism, spring type, which when closing the hand, presses the shell of the nuts, until breaking the shell. Measures: 115 mm. High. Available in red and green...
Ex Tax:11.57€
Model: 8850
The stuffer mincer allows a hopper to be attached, which will give it more meat loading capacity, thus increasing production using the same time. It can reach a production of 170 kg per hour. The stuffer mincer has a stainless steel head, the casing and hopper are made of plastic suitable for food u..
Ex Tax:454.55€
Brand: Elma Model: Elma Molinillo Cafe Cian 24.16.9
Cyan coffee grinder, two adjustment positions, fine or coarse.Measurements: 15 x 9 x 9 cm.Weight: 500g...
Ex Tax:24.75€
Elma Coffee Grinder Red 24.16.7 Elma Coffee Grinder Red 24.16.7
Out of Stock
Brand: Elma Model: Elma Molinillo Cafe Rojo 24.16.7
Red coffee grinder. Two adjustment positions, fine or coarse.Measurements: 15 x 9 x 9 cm.Weight: 500 gr...
Ex Tax:24.75€
Brand: Elma Model: 16338
Manual grater that is fixed to any flat surface by means of a clamping screw. It is for domestic use and useful when grating foods such as bread, chocolate, and cheese among others in a comfortable and simple way. Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 7.5 cm. Weight: 500 grs...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Elma Manual Ralladora  00.90.6
Out of Stock
Brand: Elma Model: 8768
Manual grater with suction cup for domestic use, which will help you grate foods such as bread, chocolate, cheese, etc. in a comfortable and simple way. CharacteristicsWeight: 1 Kg.Dimensions: 27 × 36 × 23 cm.Steel sheet structure.Suction cup holding...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Elma Model: 8759
Characteristics I Weigh: 0,90 kg. Dimensions: 18 × 10,5 × 14 cm. Production: 10-15 Kg/hour. Made of plastic. Cleavers and metallic plates. Fixation to the table by means of cupping glass. Ergonomic design: it facilitates his cleanliness and assembly. Polyvalent: meat, dried fruits, vegetable punctur..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 20952
Wooden mortar with mallet included.Materials: wood.Measurements: 120mm. diameter...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Arcos Model: 13023
190 mm garlic press. Zinc alloy..
Ex Tax:15.66€
Garlic Presser Croma 16505
Out of Stock
Model: 13825
Garlic presser to smash and peel garlics. 160mm lengh..
Ex Tax:5.58€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16559
Asparagus peeler. Length 18 cm.        ..
Ex Tax:3.26€
Brand: Ibili Model: 752050
100% Natural Bamboo wood mortar. Excellent for mixing and macerating spices, herbs, condiments... even meat and fish in the traditional way. Measures: Height: 15cm Diameter: 15cm..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15436
Cutter strap made of stainless steel. Cutting length: 160 mm...
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: Ibili Model: 15435
Cheese cutter made of nylon ideal for domestic use. Length: 200mm...
Ex Tax:2.89€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12995
Perfect for cuttimg vegetables into strips and dices 2 cutting thicknesses 3 removable blades Brush to clean blades Container lid included..
Ex Tax:25.58€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12563
Cortador de manzanas en acero inoxidable y plástico resistente...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Ibili Model: 11543
Lever cutters. Perfect for cutting potatoes and other vegetables into strips. Measures 9 mm wide by 25 mm long...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14076
Ideal to get a perfect chop of the fast and comfortable way. Avoid garlic stains and smells on fingers and utensils. You can also chop ginger. Peel the clove of garlic and place it inside the chopper, close and turn. If we turn a lot the garlic was more pressed and chopped and if we turn a little ..
Ex Tax:3.80€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14338
3 Renovables blades to slice and crush garlic. Easy to use and easy to clean...
Ex Tax:12.36€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16285
The IBILI grater and laminator grinder will allow us to grate comfortably while taking care of our fingers. Cheese when we go to gratin, chocolate to decorate, garlic, bread, nuts to incorporate into a stew, a salad, sliced ​​mushrooms, etc. The grater grinder has 2 interchangeable blades, one f..
Ex Tax:9.88€
Brand: Ibili Model: 12996
Lira cortaquesos, 12 cm. Acero inoxidable...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Ibili Model: 11443
Mandolin with five stainless steel blades V-shaped cut for better vegetables and soft or hard fruits. Knives with different cutting measures: safety mode, 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 6.0 mm. Juliana two thicknesses: 3.0 mm, 6.0 mm for chips or thin julienne strips. Contine a container that protects your fing..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: Ibili Model: 11385
Ideal for grating, chopping, laminar and julienne mandolin. This consists of 5 blades with different cuts that are integrated into the same mandolin...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Ibili Model: Ibili Molinillo Pimienta 774521
20cm high pepper mill made of wood, with a classic and elegant design. The wood perfectly preserves the freshness and smell of the pepper.Materials:Grinder: wood.Wheel: ceramic.Measures:Height: 20 cm.Diameter: 5.5 cm...
Ex Tax:14.83€
Brand: Ibili Model: 14223
For large size pineapples. In stainless steel. Peel and cut pineapple into perfect slices in seconds. Takes out the heart of the pineapple and maintains the rind in tact. This way it retains the juice in the pineapples as weeel as using the body to present in salads, etc.....
Ex Tax:9.05€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16677
Manual stainless steel potato press. Total length: 28 cm...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Ibili Model: 13709
Scraper for dough built with stainless steel. Blade width 144 mm...
Ex Tax:7.40€
Brand: Ibili Model: 16127
Rotary grater for cheeses and chocolates Plastic finish and stainless steel blade..
Ex Tax:9.88€
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