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Various accessories and accessories for shaving and shaving. Sale of hairdressing products.

Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Pinzas de depilar
Crab Plucking Tweezers 10 cm.The crab tip allows a better view of the hair for easier removal.Always epilate in the direction of hair growth.Stainless steel.Color blue...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 11456
Bol shaving stainless steel. Measure 95 mm x 50 mm...
Ex Tax:13.06€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 14751
Plastic holder for shaving brushes. 70 mm...
Ex Tax:1.61€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 12934
Proffesional Hair cutter. 1 razor. 18 cm...
Ex Tax:6.82€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13340
Crab hair removal tweezers of the brand 3 Claveles. Size: 8cm Finish: Stainless Steel Tip: Golden..
Ex Tax:5.17€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: 13288
Shave scissors 3 Claveles..
Ex Tax:5.45€
Brand: 3 Claveles Model: Pinzas de depilar
10 cm pointed tweezers.The fine and precise tip facilitates the epilation of the finest or ingrown hairs.Always epilate in the direction of hair growth.Stainless steel...
Ex Tax:6.60€
Ballistol Oil Spray 100 ml. l201
Out of Stock
Brand: Ballistol Model: 7980
Sheet Universal oil for the care and maintenance of all types of metals, ideal for your knives. Also materials such as wood, leather, rubber, synthetic skin. Protects against corrosion, lubricates and cleans. Removes traces of gunpowder, lead, copper and sediment. It causes the formation of resin pe..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Boker Model: 16427
Classic shaving set from the German brand Böker composed of: - Barbera razor. - Brush holder. - Brush. - Softener. - Shaving soap...
Ex Tax:189.26€
Model: 5816
Pencil cutters for shaving cuts. External and personal use to cut the bleeding. Packaged in transparent capsule with pressure cap...
Ex Tax:1.65€
Brand: Import F&F Model: 12226
Razor for depilating areas such as ears and nose. Easy and convenient to use. Uses AAA type batteries. Includes brush for cleaning...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Model: 5815
Special natural stone before and after shaving. Even the most skilled Barbers are not exempt from a false movement in the face, which is why in Mr. Barbero we bring the Stone of Alum Osma, an ideal complement for the most shaved shave. In a few minutes the small discomforts of shaving will disappea..
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: Import F&F Model: 12296
Profesional brush barber, handle of wood and nylon...
Ex Tax:4.96€
Short Blood
Out of Stock
Model: 4079
Blood cut sticks for small cuts when shaving.   They cut the emorrhagia.   20 units...
Ex Tax:1.65€
Smoothing Paste 503 Red & Green 503
Out of Stock
Brand: Herold Model: 15473
Pastes to smooth and polish your cutting tools. These pastes are to be applied on a softener. Ideal for maintaining its most demanding edges. Each box contains two units of pasta. Red Paste: Medium abrasive (Red paper) Green Paste: Fine polishing (Gold paper)  ..
Ex Tax:4.92€
Smoothing Paste Red Black 501
Out of Stock
Brand: Herold Model: 501
Pastes for smoothing and polishing your cutting tools.These pastes are to be applied on top of a softener. Ideal for the maintenance of your most demanding cutting edges.Each box contains two units of paste:  - Red Paste: Medium Abrasive (Red paper)- Black Paste: Polishing (Blue paper)..
Ex Tax:4.92€
Model: Peine Navaja Automática oc1
Folding comb with automatic opening.Materials:Comb: plastic.Handle: plastic and steel.Lock System: botton.Measurements:Comb: 80 mm.Overall: 225 mm.Closed: 125 mm.Weight: 41 grs...
Ex Tax:4.09€
Brand: Vie - Long Model: 10902
Metal with rubber included for cleaning classic razors manufactured by Vie - Long. Classic model used for decades with a matt black finish.Measures:Diameter (inside): 75mm.Diameter (base): 120 mm...
Ex Tax:30.17€
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