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Barra Pedernal Firesteel 4401
Out of Stock
Brand: Import B.S. Model: 14631
Flint bar or firesteel 6 mm. thick Total length 55 mm...
Ex Tax:4.12€
Campingaz Cartucho Gas Cocina Portatil Campingaz Cartucho Gas Cocina Portatil
Out of Stock
Model: 16364
Contains: 220g of Butane Use: For portable stoves. Safety Valve: Easy and safe connection and disconnection. Product manufactured and / or marketed by the Campingaz brand..
Ex Tax:2.31€
Brand: Elma Model: 16339
Portable gas stove perfect for outdoor activities. It can be used with both a gas cartridge and a cylinder, thanks to the connector it incorporates. Includes carrying case. Variable flame regulator. Easy to clean: removable enamelled drip tray. Dimensions: 34 x 28 x 11 cm. Weight: 1.7 kg...
Ex Tax:21.90€
Brand: Mil-Tec Model: 16613
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2 cmWeight: 58 g Consists:- small flint with scraper and cord- 2 fuel tablets- cotton wool- metal box..
Ex Tax:6.57€
Model: ins02
Pack weight: 1.75 oz. All natural fire starter. Works in harsh conditions. Lights wet wood. Burns on snow, water and ice at nearly 1000 degrees. Long burn time: up to 10-15 minutes. Nonvolatile with no unexpected flare-ups. No harmful chemicals. Safe to store near food. Waterproof pouch. InstaFire's..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Import D.H. Model: 10899
Paracord bracelet with flint firesteel not inserted into the lock. Brown color...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: Pedernal Magnesio 33537
Magnesium flint to start fire in any situation. Includes cord for hanging and scraper to remove sparks.Measures:Diameter: 8mm.Useful surface: 68 mm.Overall length: 100mm...
Ex Tax:6.57€
Firesteel Pedernal bg010662
Out of Stock
Model: 3526
Firesteel. Very comfortable and useful in any environment. Long duration. Includes scraper to make sparks. Measurement of the flint bar 68 x 8mm. Total length 100 mm..
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: Mil-Tec Model: 16584
Firesteel to start fire by spark. Includes metal scraper. Measures:Total length: 95 mm.Long flint: 65 mm.Diameter: 9 mm.Weight: 48 mm...
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: Import A.D. Model: 9175
Lightweight and compact stove. Inclueye burner. heat spreader and flow regulator. Starter button. It is used with disposable cartridges 190 g. Measures 200 mm. Height x 140 mm. in diameter...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: Joker Model: 14172
Firesteel with birch wood handle. Total measurement 104 mm. Flint length 62 mm. Includes lanyard hole.    ..
Ex Tax:17.56€
Brand: Joker Model: 14174
Flint or firesteel with black micarta handle. Total measurement 105 mm. Flint length 65 mm. Includes lanyard hole.    ..
Ex Tax:12.15€
Brand: Joker Model: 14173
Flint or firesteel with orange micarta handle. Total measurement 105 mm. Flint length 65 mm. Includes lanyard hole.      ..
Ex Tax:12.15€
Brand: Joker Model: 13735
Flint or firesteel with olive wood handle. Total measurement 104 mm. Flint length 62 mm. Includes cord to hang...
Ex Tax:11.53€
Brand: Joker Model: 13736
Flint or firesteel with walnut wood handle. Total measurement 104 mm. Flint length 62 mm. Includes cord to hang...
Ex Tax:12.89€
K25 Survival Kit 34597
Out of Stock
Brand: K25 Model: Kit supervivencia
Rui Survival Kit.Includes:Sharpener.Tactical sheath.Flint...
Ex Tax:6.57€
Brand: Mil-Tec Model: 6172
Measures 75 x 29 x 10 mm. Includes scraper to make sparks and chain...
Ex Tax:6.20€
Brand: Morakniv Model: 5982
Flint fire starter or firesteel to ignite with sparks. Valid for any emergency situation. Very long duration Measure 100 mm. Useful flint measurement 65 mm. x 8 mm...
Ex Tax:14.88€
Brand: Muela Model: 14937
Flint or firesteel to start fire by sparks.Curly birch handles.Includes bead cord.Total length 120 mm.Flint length: 65 mm...
Ex Tax:14.46€
Brand: Muela Model: 11330
Firesteel to light a fire.  Stag handle. 65 mm.of surface of use and 8 mm. diameter. Lanyard leather.            ..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Portable Furnance 33911
Out of Stock
Brand: Import A.B. Model: Hornillo plegable
Folding stove for camping. Measures: Height: 99mm Width: 50mm..
Ex Tax:4.05€
Brand: UST Model: 14087
Pack of two. Telescoping utensils extend up to 25". 7.75" collapsed. Wood handle. Leather hang strap. Boxed with hanging tab...
Ex Tax:13.18€
Brand: UST Model: 13584
The Learn & Live Kit – Fire Starting includes all the tools you need to build a fire using a ferro rod and fire tinder. Learn & Live™ Kit – Fire Starting Contains:• Watertight Case 1.0 – Water-resistant carrying case• Learn & Live Fire Building Cards – Reference guide outlining step-by-step how to ..
Ex Tax:14.88€
Ust Sparkforce Fire Starter wg26400
Out of Stock
Brand: UST Model: wg26400
Ust brand flint valid to start a fire quickly with powerful sparks even in humid environments.Includes cord to carry it and the two pieces that integrate it; scraper and flint bar, can be joined into a single piece so that the flint is closed and protected.Measurements:Flint bar: 40 mm.Scraper: 20 m..
Ex Tax:8.22€
V3-Pocket Bellows eogv301b V3-Pocket Bellows eogv301b
Out of Stock
Model: 11686
Collapsible Fire Bellowing Tool. Extends to 20". Collapses to 3 1/2". Weighs less than 1 ounce. Works on wet and dry firewood. Compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of a fire. Adding oxygen is the key to fire starting with wet firewood. Packed in compact water resistant carrying case..
Ex Tax:14.83€
Brand: Victorinox Model: Mini Tool Fireant Set
Compact and essential fire-starter setChoice of three glow-in-the-dark colors with waterproof, reliable helix tinderEnhances the power of your Swiss Army KnifeHeight 10 mmLength 120 mmWeight 5 grs...
Ex Tax:23.14€
Water Resistant Matches 15234000
Out of Stock
Brand: Mil-Tec Model: 15234000
Waterproof matches.The price includes a box of 35 units...
Ex Tax:0.79€
Uncle Tommy's Fire Starten Stuff uts001 Uncle Tommy's Fire Starten Stuff uts001
Out of Stock
Model: uts001
This Uncle Tommy's can includes 5 fire starter discs that can be used to light more than 10 fires. With these discs you can light campfires, charcoal grills, fireplaces, brush piles, bonfires and much more.They are water resistant so you can light a fire even if they have been submerged even without..
Ex Tax:4.92€
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