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Altuna Tijera Podar Dos Manos
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Model: 10287
Old pruning shears for two hands. Spanish brand Altuna. Carbon steel blade. Total length 560 mm. Wood grip...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Model: 14891
Old pruning shears for two hands. Spanish brand Altuna, high quality.Carbon steel bladeWooden handles.Total length 460 mm. (46 cm.) Important: They are completely new and unused scissors, but very old and have been poorly stored. They are not perfect, the wood may have a scratch, peeling or small b..
Ex Tax:34.71€
Model: 10757
Tool steel blades. Overall 530 mm. Blade 220 mm. Made in Spain. ..
Ex Tax:16.53€
Brand: Arcos Model: 11690
Meat fork built in stainless steel. Three points. Total length 200 mm.        ..
Ex Tax:1.65€
Model: 7613
mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: mm. Overall: mm. Handles: . Weight: grs. Sheath: ...
Ex Tax:53.72€
Brand: Boj Model: 12899
Boj peeler. ..
Ex Tax:2.07€
Model: 12066
Lerather sheath. For garden scissors. Long entrance to the edge 150 mm. Total length 245 mm. Width 90 mm...
Ex Tax:8.18€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 13973
Cordura holster for gun Blister presentation Quick extraction Vertical rotating position Closing by snap Adjustable fastening to the belt Ambidextrous Color: black Cover valid for:    * Auto pistol 2 "    * Beretta pistol 92 FS    * Star 30M / 28PK pistol    * Revolver 2 "..
Ex Tax:14.88€
Model: 10593
Hoja de acero Leather bag or pouch for the field or hunting. Exterior size approximately 40 x 30 cm.        ..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Nieto Apache 1042
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 2186
Nieto knife with 180 mm stainless steel An-58 integral blade. long and 4 mm. of thickness. Olive wood scales with hollow for securing cord. Brown leather case Weight 288 grams...
37.28€ 46.60€
Ex Tax:30.81€
Nieto Cervato 8701
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 15290
Blade: AN-58 stainless steel Handle: stag horn Sheath: leatherBolster: brass Measurements Blade: 135 mm. Overall: 270 mm. Tickness: 4 mm. Weight: 255 grs. Made in Spain...
76.00€ 95.00€
Ex Tax:62.81€
Nieto Chaman EDC Cocobolo 137c
-20 % Out of Stock
Brand: Nieto Model: 12949
90 mm. N695 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Overall: 197 mm. Handles: cocobolo wood. Weight: 110  grs. Sheath: leather. Lanyard hole. Red fiber spacers. Made in Spain...
60.13€ 75.16€
Ex Tax:49.69€
Nieto Chaman Macro Cocobolo 141c
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 12778
145 mm. 1.4116 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 5,2 mm. Overall: 272 mm. Handles: cocobolo wood. Weight: 335 grs. Sheath: leather. Lanyard hole. Made in Spain...
93.60€ 117.00€
Ex Tax:77.36€
Nieto Cheyenne Stag 9013
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 15308
Blade: AN-58 stainless steel Handle: stag horn Sheath: leatherMeasurements Blade: 105 mm. Overall: 218 mm. Tickness: 3,5 mm. Weight: 160 grs. Made in Spain...
60.00€ 75.00€
Ex Tax:49.59€
Nieto Combat 663 micarta
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 10250
80 mm. AN-58 stainless steel blade. Tickness:  3mm. Overall: 185 mm. Handles: micarta. Lock System: lock back. Weight: 115 grs. Made in Spain...
37.04€ 46.30€
Ex Tax:30.61€
Nieto Combate 1036
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 13978
120 mm. AN-58 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4,5 mm. Overall: 240 mm. Handles: katex. Weight: 212 grs. Sheath: nylon. Made in Spain...
50.80€ 63.50€
Ex Tax:41.98€
Nieto Fighter 13021 katex
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 10571
78 mm. 12c27 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Overall: 185 mm. Handles: katex. Lock System: lock back. Weight: 120 grs. Lanyard hole. Made in Spain...
37.04€ 46.30€
Ex Tax:30.61€
Nieto Off Road 500
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 15315
Blade: AN-58 stainless steel Handle: micarta Lock System: back lockMeasurements Blade: 75 mm. Overall: 185 mm. Closed: 110 mm. Tickness: 2,5 mm. Weight: 90 grs. Made in Spain.  ..
36.00€ 45.00€
Ex Tax:29.75€
Nieto Rock Violet Stick 040v
-20 %
Brand: Nieto Model: 4660
Spanish folding knife Nieto with AN-58 stainless steel blade of 75 mm. long. "Lockback" locking system. Handle of violet wood. Total open length 170 mm...
35.20€ 44.00€
Ex Tax:29.09€
Nieto Smart ciervo 694
-20 % Out of Stock
Brand: Nieto Model: 3469
Spanish folding knife Nieto with stainless steel blade AN-58 of 55 mm. long. Handle of deer horn with decorated steel linings and alpaca ferrules. Includes leather cord cord. Total open length 130 mm...
41.44€ 51.80€
Ex Tax:34.25€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 14999
Soporte para espadas de miniatura con motivo de escudo...
Ex Tax:5.79€
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