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Boker is a well-known German brand of knives and folding knives whose stamp, mark or stamp is a chestnut (Tree Brand) that has accompanied this factory for more than 100 years until 1925 it was destroyed by lightning. Its main headquarters are located in the German city of Solingen, a place known worldwide for its steel and production of fine cutlery of the highest quality, where it has been manufacturing since 1869 although according to the oldest facts that can be investigated of the Boker family they date back to the century XVII. The Boker factory in Solingen grew strongly from 1869 until World War II and was constantly expanding. In November 1944, the company was completely bombed and destroyed by Allied air raids at Solingen. The rapid post-war rebuilding was achieved primarily through new export orders from the USA.In the 1980s, due to strong export activities in North and South America, the Boker USA branches were founded in Denver, Colorado / USA and Boker Arbolito SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is why in Latin America it is known by the Arbolito brand and today it is one of its product lines. In the late 1990s, the management decided to invest in a new company building at the group's headquarters in Solingen to be able to meet the increasing demands of the international competitive environment and continue to offer competitive, high-quality manufactured Boker knives. in Solingen. Boker has established itself as one of the world's leading innovators in the manufacture of high-quality collectible and sports knives. This is particularly true when using unusual materials and constantly presents new challenges to your engineers and knife makers. Anyone familiar with the wide range of products will get an idea of ​​the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into making a high-quality Boker knife. Nowadays in its catalog its different lines of products called: Boker, of German manufacture; Boker Plus, of international manufacture; Boker Arbolito, manufactured in Argentina and Magnum, as a sub-brand for Asian products. Many famous designers of personalized or custom knives have collaborated on Boker models, making them series models with affordable prices for all fans of the brand.

Brand: Boker Model: 11536
84 mm. CPM154 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4,4 mm. Overall: 195 mm. Handles: G-10. Lock System: liner lock. Weight: 178 grs. Lanyard hole. Pocket clip. Anders Högström design...
Ex Tax:222.31€
Brand: Boker Model: Boker 1906 113024
Some things are very much in vogue for a while before falling back into obscurity - usually well deserved. Yet others are much too beautiful, too precious to remain lost forever. The classic Boker 1906 is such a case. The design is more than a hundred years old, but its clear lines are still much lo..
Ex Tax:147.89€
Brand: Boker Model: 111101DAM
Legends are not born, they are shaped by time until their moment comes to shape time. They don't live a myth, they create it and leave a venerable legacy. In 1966, the foundation stone for another icon was laid in Detroit, Michigan. Numerous vehicles see the light of day in the epicenter of the US a..
Ex Tax:373.55€
Brand: Boker Model: 25 Anniversary Segunda Mano
Boker knife commemorating the 25th anniversary of the German brand (1986-2011) design by Jerry Lairson. A robust yet compact hunting knife, the handle scales are ivory white Micarta and given a special touch with the addition of dark blue fiber layers on the tang and mosaic pins to secure the scales..
Ex Tax:164.46€
Brand: Boker Model: Boker 98k Damasco 110715dam
This limited edition Boker 98k-Damascus brings an important piece of German military history to life. The world-famous 98k carbine was introduced as a standard service rifle by the Wehrmacht, The German Armed Forces in 1935 and remained the most widely used handgun by German soldiers until the ..
Ex Tax:255.37€
Boker A-F 4.5 Black121644 Boker A-F 4.5 Black121644
Out of Stock
Brand: Boker Model: 121644
In all the variety of combat knives, the fully blackened versions are a must. Black versions are extremely popular not only for military operations, but also because of the special charisma of such a dagger and because of the additional protection against corrosion that the coating provides. And..
Ex Tax:271.90€
Boker Aphex Mini 01bo197 Boker Aphex Mini 01bo197
Out of Stock
Brand: Boker Model: Boker Aphex Mini 01bo197
The modern Boker Plus Aphex Mini is the significantly smaller version of the Boker Plus Collection 2020 designed by Lucas Burnley. The elaborately ground blade is made of VG-10 and features a fine hairline finish and a decorative ricasso. Thanks to the ball bearing and flipper, the knife is particul..
Ex Tax:137.15€
Brand: Boker Model: 1928
German dagger with leaf of stainless steel 440c (58 hrc) of 125 mm. Of largoy 5mm. Of thickness. Rigid case of of "kydex" with closing to pressure and system of anchorage multiposition "Tek-lok".        ..
Ex Tax:156.98€
Brand: Boker Model: 5409
145 mm. 440c stainless steel blade. Tickness: 5 mm. Overall: 274 mm. Handles: micarta. Weight: 240 grs. Sheath: Spec-Ops cordura.  Nearly no other custom knife maker influenced the tactical knife scene like William H. "Bill" Harsey. His designs created an excellent reputation in the world of the tac..
Ex Tax:289.26€
Brand: Boker Model: El Gigante 02ba595w
Bowie knife Boker Arbolito model El Gigante. The solid construction in combination with the classic look and the high utility value make the Boker Arbolito El Gigante an excellent companion for hunting and outdoors. Guayacán ebony scales are fitted with red grain lines, providing an attractive ..
Ex Tax:225.62€
Brand: Boker Model: 01ba004
Nahuel means jaguar in the Mapuche language, the indigenous people of Argentina and Chile. Boker Arbolito's new folding knife design is just as powerful and elegant as the Jaguar. The outstanding feature of this folder with liner lock is the large-scale processing of light Guyacan ebony on both side..
Ex Tax:82.60€
Boker Barlow 100501
Out of Stock
Brand: Boker Model: 12089
65 mm. N690 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 1,7 mm. Overall: 150 mm. Handles: grenedille wood. Lock System: slip joint. Weight: 51 grs. Nickel silver bolster...
Ex Tax:82.60€
Boker Barlow BFF 120506 Boker Barlow BFF 120506
Out of Stock
Brand: Boker Model: Barlow BFF 120506
The Boker Barlow BFF designed by Lucas Burnley is manufactured as a fixed EDC in full tang construction. With this handy knife, the well-known designer and full-time knife maker from the USA bridges the gap between the historical roots of the proven Barlow and the modern elements of its design, know..
Ex Tax:134.67€
Brand: Boker Model: 110045
The handy Boker Barlow, with its extra-long bolsters and wide blade, is a true milestone in the model history of the Boker Manufactory. This integral version of the timeless classic is provided with handles made of copper, which are milled from the solid and also form the characteristic bolsters of ..
Ex Tax:152.85€
Brand: Boker Model: 13417
65 mm. damascus stainless steel blade. Tickness: 1,7 mm. Overall: 155 mm. Handles: dead oak. Lock System: slipjoint. Weight: 50 grs. Limited edition of 500 pieces...
Ex Tax:140.45€
Brand: Boker Model: Barlow Integral Jute Micarta 110943
The Boker Barlow with its overly long cheeks and wide blade is a milestone in the model history of the Boker manufactory. This integrally constructed version of the timeless classic features a contoured black Canvas Micarta handle body, which is milled from the solid and also forms the characteristi..
Ex Tax:115.66€
Brand: Boker Model: 100501dam
Materials: Blade: Damascus steel. Handle: Micarta desert ironwood. Lock System: Slipjoint. Measurements: Blade: 67 mm. Overall: 152 mm. Tickness: 1,80mm. Weight: 30 grs. Made in Germany...
Ex Tax:205.79€
Boker Barlow Prime Maserbirke Birch 111942 Boker Barlow Prime Maserbirke Birch 111942
Out of Stock
Brand: Boker Model: Boker Barlow Prime Maserbirke Abedul 111942
German Boker brand knife with N690 stainless steel blade and curly birch handle.Materials:Blade: N690 stainles steel.Handle: birch wood.Lock System: slipjoint.Measurements:Blade: 70 mm.Overall: 155 mm.Closed: 85 mm.Tickness: 2.2 mm.Weight: 55 grs.Made in Germany...
Ex Tax:107.40€
Brand: Boker Model: 13933
75 mm. N690 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2,9 mm. Overall: 183 mm. Handles: iron wood. Lock System: back lock. Weight: 122 grs. Lanyard hole. Limited Edition numbered...
Ex Tax:205.79€
Brand: Boker Model: 16571
Blade: damascus stainless steel (made by Bertie Rietveld). Handle: micarta.Lock System: back lock. Bolster: stainless steel. Lanyard hole.Raphael Durand design. Limited edition. Measurements: Blade: 78 mm. Overall: 181 mm. Closed: 107 mm. Tickness: 2,9 mm. Weight: 121 grs. Made in Germany...
Ex Tax:395.87€
Brand: Boker Model: 111129
The Boker Boxer EDC by Raphaël Durand combines state-of-the-art materials with a flat, self-supporting construction without liner and bolster. As a lightweight slipjoint pocket knife it is up to any task in everyday use. It is equipped with a stonewash blade made of Böhler powder metallurgical M390,..
Ex Tax:119.79€
Brand: Boker Model: 111029
The Raphaël Durand Böker Boxer EDC combines state-of-the-art materials with a flat, self-supporting construction with no liner or gussets and, as a lightweight sliding-joint pocket knife, is up to any task in everyday use.  It is equipped with a Böhler M390 powder metallurgy stonewas..
Ex Tax:119.79€
Brand: Boker Model: 121505
Reliable, tough and with a lot of outdoor in its blood: The Boker Bronco Mini embodies a well-balanced compactness with maximum adventurousness. As a smaller version of the much-cited Boker Bronco, the striking bushcraft knife creates unforgettable moments away from everyday life, from the first bre..
Ex Tax:86.74€
Brand: Boker Model: Boker Caballero 01bo239
The Boker Plus Caballero is a compact classic pocketknife with wooden handle scales that is light enough for any trouser or vest pocket. The satinized drop-point blade consists of D2 and is secured with a new patented backlock based on a space-saving wire bail. The elegant t..
Ex Tax:74.34€
Brand: Boker Model: Boker Celos G10 Jade 01bo179
As the son of the Titan Pallas, Zelos embodied the god of eager striving in Greek mythology. And the extremely handy Böker Plus Celos also finds its mythical destiny for the knife Olympus in the striving for perfection. The compact slipjoint pocket knife is the perfect companion for everyday use and..
Ex Tax:45.41€
Brand: Boker Model: 4042
Boker kitchen santoku japanese style with ceramic blade and 180 mm titanium coating. long. Retention of extraordinary edge. Ziracote wooden handle. Total length 305 mm. Very light and comfortable to use. Sharpening on both sides...
Ex Tax:131.41€
Brand: Boker Model: 560
Professional knife with 155 mm ceramic blade. The cutting properties of the ceramic are excellent and have almost no maintenance. The edge retention is very durable...
Ex Tax:111.57€
Brand: Boker Model: 1968
Professional kitchen knife with ceramic blade of 155 mm. of length. The cutting properties of the ceramic are excellent and have almost no maintenance. The edge retention is very durable...
Ex Tax:98.35€
Brand: Boker Model: 5914
Boker German pocket knife with 4034 stainless steel blade of 80 mm. long. "Lockback" locking system. Handle with stainless steel linings and ferrule and black micarta handle with red fiber separators. Total open length 183 mm. Includes boker protective casing...
Ex Tax:114.88€
Brand: Boker Model: 16239
Blade: N690 Böhler.Handle: ironwood.Lock System: slipjoint.MeasurementsBlade: 64 mm.Overall: 165 mm.Closed: 101 mm.Thickness: 2,1 mm.Weight: 66 grs...
Ex Tax:148.72€
Brand: Boker Model: 112944
Stylish elegance and nonchalant reliability as an expression of lively passion: The Boker Coffin Denim Micarta by Chuck Gedraitis is more than just a knife, vibrant, a mélange of tradition and proven innovation - for increased heartbeat among true knife fans. Characteristic is the coffin-shaped desi..
Ex Tax:109.05€
Brand: Boker Model: 16093
Blade: D2 carbon steel. Handle: cocobolo wood. Lock System:  frame lock.Lanyard hole.Jens Anso design. MeasurementsBlade: 66 mm. Overall: 160 mm. Closed:  mm. Tickness: 3,9 mm. Weight: 90 grs.       ..
Ex Tax:71.86€
Brand: Boker Model: 16095
Blade: D2 carbon steel. Handle: G10. Lock System:  frame lock.Lanyard hole.Jens Anso. MeasurementsBlade: 66 mm. Overall: 160 mm. Closed:  mm. Tickness: 3,9 mm. Weight: 90 grs.       ..
Ex Tax:64.05€
Brand: Boker Model: 111006
Small Boker German knife with 50 mm stainless steel blade. long. "Lockback" locking system. Handle with brass linings, alpaca ferrule and stag horn handle. Total open length 115 mm...
Ex Tax:101.65€
Brand: Boker Model: 6828
Boker German pocket knife with 440C stainless steel blade of 95 mm. long. Locking system lockback sheet. Handle with linings and alpaca ferrules with thuja wood scales. It includes a hole to place a secure cord. Total open length 215 mm. Red protective fundite for the pocket. Detachable blade to ada..
Ex Tax:172.73€
Brand: Boker Model: 12829
Ancho 14.5 cm. Altura 26 cm...
Ex Tax:14.83€
Brand: Boker Model: 16240
Blade: 4034 stainless steel.Handle: elforyn.Lock System: backlock.MeasurementsBlade: 83 mm.Overall: 191 mm.Closed: 108 mm.Thickness: 1,8 mm.Weight: 108 grs...
Ex Tax:106.61€
Brand: Boker Model: 10037
Premium, black leather sheath, suited for all conventionally available shaving knife sizes. For safe storage and transport of shaving knives, the blade crook is engaged through the opening provided in the seam of the pouch. Shaving blade not included. Overall length approx. 14.5 cm...
Ex Tax:14.01€
Brand: Boker Model: 1237
144 mm. C75 carbon steel blade. Tickness: 3,5 mm. Overall: 256 mm. Handles: walnut. Weight: 165 grs. Sheath: leather. Made in Germany.    ..
Ex Tax:161.16€
Brand: Boker Model: Hermod 2.0 02bo053
Materials: Blade: D2 carbon steel. Handle: G10. Sheath: kydex. Measurements: Blade: 106 mm. Overall: 215 mm. Tickness: 4.7 mm. Weight: 181 grs...
Ex Tax:66.07€
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