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United Cutlery

El Hobbit Orcrist Espada uc2928 El Hobbit Orcrist Espada uc2928
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 8085
74 cm. AUS-6 stainless steel blade. Overall: 98,5 cm. Handles: Acrilic Resin. Wood stand. Official replica sword...
Ex Tax:214.05€
Eraser Cleaning knives sr0101
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 1399
Erases rust, tarnish and other surface blemishes on metal, and produces a fine, brushed satin finish. Measures 3 1/8" x 1" x 5/8". Knife not included  ..
Ex Tax:5.37€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 15956
Blade: stainless steel. Handle: wood. Sheath: leather.Brass guard.Gil Hibben design.Measurements Blade: 350 mm. Overall: 500 mm. Tickness: 5 mm. Weight: 858 grs...
Ex Tax:117.36€
Hibben Nnife Throwing Guide uc882
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 945
Book Hibben Knife Throwing Guide 2nd Edition. Completely revised and updated with guide for throwing from any distance, choosing knives and building targets. From beginner to professional. 64 pages in full color...
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 344
United Knife Roll. Black PVC construction with nylon straps and red felt interior. Holds approx. 50-60 knives. (Knives not included)...
Ex Tax:21.49€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 2816
Measures 14" x 10 1/2" x 1 3/8" overall. Black imitation leather exterior with swing handle. Red felt lined interior with elastic straps. Zipper closure. Holds approximately 40 pocket knives. Bulk packed. Knives not included...
Ex Tax:22.31€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 676
1.4 oz. tube. Cleans, polishes and protects. Removes tarnish and oxidation, surface rust, water spots, tars and oils. Great for jewelry, guns, knives, cookware, silverware, chrome automobile and motorcycle parts, trophies, golf clubs, bowling balls and much more. Works on brass, silver, gold, chrome..
Ex Tax:7.40€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 452
One piece support for the floor. It is made of black lacquered wood...
Ex Tax:24.75€
The Lord of the Rings Sword Anduril uc1380s The Lord of the Rings Sword Anduril uc1380s
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc1380s
Official reproduction of the Anduril sword film that appeared in the film The Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings series. 52 7/8" overall. Tempered stainless steel blade inscribed with runes in Tolkien's Quenya language. Genuine leather-wrapped hilt. Solid metal cross guard and pommel with an a..
Ex Tax:268.60€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Mini Covert bv132
Materials: Blade: stainles steel. Handle: black aluminium. Lock System: liner lock.Flipper. Pocket clip. Lanyard hole. Measurements: Blade: 35 mm. Overall: 97 mm. Closed: 2 mm. Tickness: mm. Weight: 57 grs...
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Blackthorn Shillelagh Cane
United Cutlery has recreated the traditional Blackthorn Shillelagh fighting stick in dramatic detail with this stunning shillelagh fighting cane! Any Irishman would walk tall and stand proud with this shillelagh in his hand. Crafted in a traditional shillelagh design, complete with gnarled accents t..
Ex Tax:55.37€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc1427mknb Antiguo
United bowie knife model uc1427mknb discontinued and out of production.Unique piece and exactly the same as you see in the pictures.Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Handle: wood. Sheath: leather. Brass guard and pins. Measurements: Blade: 185 mm. Overall: 310 mm. Tickness: 4 mm. Weight: ..
Ex Tax:49.55€
United Bushmaster Explorer uc3249 United Bushmaster Explorer uc3249
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 16001
Blade: 1095 carbon steel. Handle: walnut wood. Sheath: leather.Lanyard hole. Measurements Blade: 110 mm. Overall: 242 mm. Tickness: 3,2 mm. Weight: 162 grs...
Ex Tax:45.45€
United Colombia Sawback Kukri Machete uc2778
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Colombia Sawback Kukri Machete uc2778
Materials: Blade: Stainless steel. Handle: Polymer. Sheath: Incluided made of Nylon. Measurements: Blade: 375 mm. Overall: 530 mm. Tickness: 4.0 mm. Weight: 650 grs. Lanyard Incluided ..
Ex Tax:24.75€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 12838
155 mm. SK-5 carbon steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Overall: 275 mm. Handles: steel. Weight: 265 grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:40.50€
United Colombian Warrior Survival Spear uc3433
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Colombian Warrior Survival Spear uc3433
United model Colombian Warrior Survival Spear built in a single piece of SK-5 carbon steel with black protective coating. Hollow handle to mount a wooden shaft. (Does not include shaft or screws).Materials: Blade: SK-5 carbon steel. Handle: SK-5 carbon steel. Sheath: nylon. Measurements: Blad..
Ex Tax:51.24€
United Combat Assisted uc3098
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 11661
90 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2,5 mm. Overall: 212 mm. Handles: aluminium. Lock System: liner lock. Weight: 137 grs. 4 3/4" closed. 3 1/2" black finish stainless with flipper opening blade with dual extended tangs. Textured black and green aluminum handles with integrated glass breaker. B..
Ex Tax:12.40€
United Combat Commander Gladiator uc3009
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 11618
1060 carbon steel blade. Blade: 410 mm.Tickness: 3,5 mm. Overall: 605 mm. Handles: TPR ruberized. Weight: 605 grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:49.55€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Combat Commander Black Mini Push Pal Dagger uc3171b
Materials:Blade: stainless steel.Handle: TPR (polimero).Sheath: polypropylene.Measurements:Blade: 35 mm.Overall: 75 mm.Tickness: 3 mm.Weight: 22 grs...
Ex Tax:14.88€
United Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger uc3171 United Combat Commander Mini Push Pal Dagger uc3171
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Combat Commander Mini Push Pal
Materials:Blade: stainless steel.Handle: TPR (polimero).Sheath: polypropylene.Measurements:Blade: 35 mm.Overall: 75 mm.Tickness: 3 mm.Weight: grs...
Ex Tax:14.88€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 5073
United combat dagger with 125 mm stainless steel blade. Synthetic handle with double guard and hollow for cord. Total length 238 mm. Black nylon case with internal rigid protection valid for carrying on the belt or in a shoulder bag...
Ex Tax:27.27€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: United Combat Commander V42 Stiletto uc3448
United Combat Commander wiht 1065 carbon steel blade and glass breaker.Materials:Blade: 1065 carbon steel.Handle: aluminium.Sheath: leather.Glass breaker.Measurements:Blade: 205 mm.Overall: 340 mm.Tickness: 2 mm.Weight: 416 grs...
Ex Tax:49.55€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 10714
2Cr13 steel.  The ultimate tactical shovel that also doubles as a defensive weapon! Features virtually indestructible, injection-molded nylon handle with 30% fiberglass & nylon reinforcement. The shovel head is made of tempered 2Cr13 stainless tool steel with a hard, black oxide coating. The shovel..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: martillo
 Materials:2Cr13 stainless steel sheet.Weight: 1742 grams.Head width: 40 x 45 mm.Overall width: 116mm.Shaft length: 380 mm.Total length with pole: 410 mm.Shaft: fiber injected.Cover: nylon and TPR.Handle with hole for safety cord. Description: ..
Ex Tax:95.04€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Aizu Ring Fighter uc3010
Materials: Blade: 7Cr17 stainless steel. Handle: polymer. Sheath: leather. Measurements: Blade: 200 mm. Overall: 345 mm. Tickness: 4.9 mm. Weight: 270 grs...
Ex Tax:80.25€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc3176
The Honshu Boshin Katana fuses tradition and innovation to yield a masterwork of modern sword design. True to the legendary katana’s roots, the Boshin boasts a 30 3/8” 1060 high carbon steel blade that’s unrivaled in sharpness and strength. But this is no ordinary Katana. Trading traditional trappin..
Ex Tax:164.46€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc3241
In the span of just a few years, Honshu's remarkable "Boshin" cutlery line has skyrocketed to international renown and acclaim, gaining a diverse following numbering in the thousands. From tactical cutlery fanatics to staunch devotees of ancient Japanese swordcraft, blade enthusiasts of all stripes ..
Ex Tax:86.78€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc3321
United Honshu Conqueror Bowie model 3321.Materials: Blade: 7Cr13 stainless steel. Handle: polimero TPR. Sheath: leather. Measurements:Blade: 275 mm. Overall: 422 mm. Tickness: 4.9 mm. Weight: 515 grs...
Ex Tax:86.78€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Gladiator Sword uc3431
Materials:Blade: 7Cr16 Stainless steel.Handle: Polymer.Sheath: Leather.Measurements:Blade: 460 mm.Overall: 645 mm.Tickness: 4.0 mm.Weight: 795 grs..
Ex Tax:106.61€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: Honshu Spartan Sword uc3345
The Spartan Sword is an exceptional addition to Honshu’s rock solid tactical weapon line. Always innovative and always at the forefront of the industry, United Cutlery’s blades are meant for real world use so, their construction has a strength and quality that cannot be matched! This reimagining of ..
Ex Tax:103.31€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 7812
United Honshu Tanto I. 16 3/4" overall. 10 3/4" 440 stainless blade. Full tang. Black rubber over-mold handle. Stainless hand guard. Black leather belt sheath...
Ex Tax:59.50€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 8916
United M48 Hawk Harpoon. 8 1/4" overall. 3 3/4" curved blade with sharpened tip. One-piece AUS-6 stainless construction with black oxide coating. Lashing holes allow attachment to a wooden rod or stick, making an excellent harpoon or spear that can be used for hunting, fishing, and much more. Black ..
Ex Tax:33.02€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 12836
265 mm. 2Cr13 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 7,5 mm. Overall: 402 mm. Handles: polymeer. Weight: 565 grs. Sheath: nylon and rubber. Lanyard hole...
Ex Tax:74.34€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 14983
Blade: 2Cr23Mov stainless steel Handle: G10 Sheath: TPU injection and nylon Measurements Blade: 210 mm. Overall: 345 mm. Tickness: 10 mm. Weight: 625 grs...
Ex Tax:70.25€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 6402
The United Cutlery M48 Hawk is the ultimate tactical weapon. It is lightweight to be carried all day without added muscle fatigue and the blade of the M48 Hawk offers a wide, upswept axe blade for mammoth chopping, slashing and cutting potential. The secondary edge on the back side of the head is sp..
Ex Tax:53.72€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 14862
165 mm. 2Cr13 stainless steel blade. Tickness: 10 mm. Overall: 292 mm. Handles: G10. Weight:  432 grs. Sheath: TPR and nylon. The M48 Talon Dagger takes its design inspiration from the popular M48 Talon Survival Spear and gives you an awesome spear that will fit comfortably on your hip and in one h..
Ex Tax:81.82€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 10408
2Cr13 Stainless steel head. Weight: 898  grs. Overall: 400 mm. Handles: fiber reinforced. Sheath: nylon. The M48 Tactical War Hammer from United Cutlery is the hammer/axe combination! The cast 2Cr13 stainless steel black oxide-coated head can pummel almost anything with ease. The handle features a..
Ex Tax:74.34€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: uc2863
United knife Marine Recon model.Materials: Blade: AUS-6 stainless steel. Handle: Rubber. Sheath: nylon. Measurements: Blade: 285 mm. Overall: 400 mm. Tickness: 2 mm. Weight: 460 grs...
Ex Tax:37.15€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 14539
95 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2,5 mm. Overall: 222 mm. Handles: TPU. Lock System: liner lock. Weight: 150 grs. Pocket clip. Glass breaker...
Ex Tax:14.88€
United Marines Kunai Throwing Set uc3164
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 16067
9" (22.86cm) overall. 5.25" (13.34cm) double edge AUS-6 stainless dagger blade. Cord wrapped handle. Finger ring. 3 have black coated blades and black handles and 3 green coated blades and green handles. Includes paper target. Black nylon belt sheath. Clam packed...
Ex Tax:28.93€
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