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Marto Celtic Dagger 705

Marto Celtic Dagger 705
Marto Celtic Dagger 705

The North Grimston Sword, this rare and amazing Iron Age sword, was found by chance while state workers were digging holes in Lord Middleton's lands near North Grimston, hence the name of the sword.

In 1902, workers discovered the grave of a Celtic warrior at North Grimston. The dead man had been buried with a shield, two swords and a piece of pork (according to the Curadmír or Champion's Portion who gave the most select piece of meat to the best warrior or tribal hero as the bravest) data that suggests that he was a tribal hero. The smaller of the two swords was decorated with an anthropomorphic handle (in the shape of a man). Ownership of such a rare object marks the man buried in North Grimston as one of the most important figures of the Iron Age in East Yorkshire.

J.R. Mortimer, the pioneering archaeologist ded Driffield, studied and published the extraordinary find in his book "Forty Years Researches in British and Saxon Burial Mounds of East Yorkshire" in 1905.

The excavators had discovered the burial site of an important Iron Age warrior. In addition to the famous short sword with its bronze hilt in the shape of a human head, there was another much longer iron sword, two iron rings probably from the sword belt, and the fragmentary remains of a bronze shield.

The North Grimston sword is one of the few similar weapons found in Celtic Europe that features a human figure forming the hilt. Other examples come from Hungary, northern Italy, Switzerland, and France.

This sword can now be seen on display at the "Hull and East Riding Museum"

This magnificent anthropomorphic Celtic sword is also one of the best preserved. The human form of a warrior on the hilt, could have a talisman symbol and power of the owner. His face is emphatically detailed with large almond eyes, and the head with finely drawn hair. The sword is of a type associated with the La Tène culture.

Extraordinary Celtic Dagger, a high quality dagger from the exclusive Collection of Historical, Fantastic and Legendary Daggers manufactured by Marto. This unique Celtic Dagger has a unique design on the Zamak hilt and a magnificent stainless steel blade.

Blade: stainless steel.

Handle: metalic.
Sheath: NO.


Blade: 265 mm.
Overall: 425 mm.
Tickness: 5 mm.
Weight: 875 grs.

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