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Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe Sheat cssc90wvba Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe Sheat cssc90wvba
Out of Stock
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 12788
Nylon case for the ax of the brand Cold Steel model "Viking Hand Axe"..
Ex Tax:6.20€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 11278
95 mm. 1055 carbon steel blade. Weight: 1028 grs. Overall: 760 mm. Handles: american hickory. Sheath: No include...
Ex Tax:70.25€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 10190
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 775 grs. Overall: 505 mm. Edge: 90 mm. Handles: polypropylene. Sheath: Secure-Ex.                  ..
Ex Tax:56.16€
Brand: Condor Model: 13065
85 mm. 1060 carbon steel blade. Edge: 75 mm. Weight: 1150 grs. Overall: 590 mm. Handles: american hickory. Sheath: leather. Lanyard hole...
Ex Tax:82.60€
Brand: Condor Model: ctk4051c175
Condor model Double Bit Michigan axe.Materials: Blade: 1060 carbon steel. Shaft: american hickory.Measures: Weight: 1360 grs. Edge width: 100 mm. Total width: 185 mm. Total length with shaft: 675 mm. Made in El Salvador...
Ex Tax:84.30€
Brand: Condor Model: 6157
1045 forged carbon steel blade. Weight:  grs. Edge: 100 mm. Overall: 645 mm. Handles: hickory. Sheath: leather. Made in El Salvador...
Ex Tax:78.51€
Brand: Condor Model: 9138
1045 forged carbon steel blade. Weight: 895 grs. Edge: 95 mm. Overall: 440 mm. Handles: hickory. Sheath: leather. Made in El Salvador.  ..
Ex Tax:71.90€
Brand: Condor Model: 6358
1045 forged carbon steel blade. Weight: 490 grs. Edge: 69 mm. Overall: 300 mm. Handles: hickory. Sheath: leather. Made in El Salvador...
Ex Tax:66.07€
Brand: Condor Model: 6158
1075 forged carbon steel blade. Weight: 1110 grs. Edge: 80 mm. Overall: 430 mm. Handles: steel. Sheath: leather. Made in El Salvador...
Ex Tax:77.69€
Brand: CRKT Model: 16739
Blade: 1055 carbon steel.Shaft: american walnut.Hammer on the back. Measures:Weight: 995 grs.Edge width: mm.Total width: mm.Total length with shaft: 485 mm.      ..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Brand: CRKT Model: cr2724
Tomahawk Crkt Cgogan Hammer axe with hammer and walnut shaft designed by Ryan Johnson. Practical and tactical at the same time, this hammer axe combo cuts all the firewood you need, plus effortlessly drives your tent stakes into the ground. A multi-purpose tool, perfect for any adventure bag.Materia..
Ex Tax:74.34€
Brand: CRKT Model: 16394
1055 carbon steel blade. Handles: hickory. Sheath: no include. Hammer. Measures:Weight: 930 grs. Edge: 87 mm. Overall: 485 mm...
Ex Tax:70.25€
Brand: CRKT Model: 9596
1055 carbon steel blade. Weight: 920 grs. Overall: 480 mm. Handles: hickory...
Ex Tax:66.07€
Brand: Cudeman Model: 14746
80 mm. Bohler N695 stainless steel blade. Edge: 70 mm. Weight: 430 grs. Overall: 300 mm. Handles: stainless steel and micarta. Sheath: leather.Made in Spain. It also includes: - pusher to make friction fire- hammer- take out nails- hole for lanyard..
Ex Tax:103.95€
Cudeman Tonka 166b
Out of Stock
Brand: Cudeman Model: 12095
89 mm. N695 Bohler stainless steel blade. Edge: 118 mm. Weight: 715 grs. Overall: 380 mm. Handles: stainless steel and micarta. Sheath: leather. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:106.11€
Brand: Denix Model: 814
Denix German War Axe, 13th. century This Medieval War Axe by Denix is based on a German 13th century museum piece. Great for costuming or role-playing, this axe also makes a fine wall decoration...
Ex Tax:70.25€
Brand: Denix Model: 605
Ornamental reproduction, made of metal and wood of the axe wielded by Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Viking king who ruled in the ninth century, in the territories of present-day Sweden and Denmark, and was part of numerous raids, both on the European continent and in the British Isles; he is remembere..
Ex Tax:56.24€
Brand: Denix Model: 571
This fantasy axe is attributed to the Valkyries, legendary mystical warriors of Norse sagas who transported the souls of dead Vikings to Valhalla, home of the gods. The double head is inscribed with Viking runes and symbols. An excellent piece to decorate the castle walls...
Ex Tax:71.90€
Estwing Leather Sheath 14A
Out of Stock
Model: Funda Cuero hacha est
Ax sheath made of ecru leather valid for the Estwing model 14A axe.Important: It is not original from the Estwing brand, but it fits the 14A model perfectly...
Ex Tax:20.66€
Brand: Estwing Model: 3057
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 540 grs. Overall: 300 mm. Edge: 70 mm. Handles: steel/leather. Sheath: nylon.    ..
Ex Tax:61.98€
Brand: Estwing Model: 3058
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 840 grs. Overall: 340 mm. Edge: 80 mm. Handles: steel/leather. Sheath: lnylon. Made in Usa.  ..
Ex Tax:61.98€
Brand: Filofiel Model: 12262
155 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3,5 mm. Overall: 288 mm. Handles: pom. Weight: 500 grs...
Ex Tax:23.97€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 4497
Ax with 80 mm carbon steel blade. of edge travel and 250 grams of weight. Wooden handle with hollow to place the cord. Total length of the ax 350 mm. Includes protective rubber for the edge...
Ex Tax:13.18€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 10308
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 250 grs. Overall: 255 mm. Edge: 80 mm. Handles: polyetilene...
Ex Tax:31.36€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 4630
Ax with carbon steel blade weighing 300 grams. Blade width of 80 mm. Wooden handle Total length of 405 mm...
Ex Tax:13.64€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 9550
Blade: carbon steel. Weight: 500 grams. Handle: wood. Overall: mm. Spanish axe Flores Cortes. ..
Ex Tax:16.53€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 10087
Stainless steel blade. Weight: 745 grs. Overall: 420 mm. Edge: 100 mm. Handles: polietilene.  ..
Ex Tax:62.77€
Flores Cortes Axe Corchera 750 Grs. 31701 Flores Cortes Axe Corchera 750 Grs. 31701
Out of Stock
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: Hacha Corchera 750 Grs. 31701
Ax for cork Flores Cortes made of carbon steel.Materials: Blade: carbon steel. Shaft: No included.Measures: Weight: 750 grs. Edge width: 165 mm. Total width: 190 mm. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:20.62€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 9552
Blade: carbon steel. Weight: 600 grams. Handle: wood. Overall: mm. Spanish axe. ..
Ex Tax:19.83€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 10083
75 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 82 mm. Weight: 300  grs. Overall: 380 mm. Handles: wood. Hammer. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:14.88€
Brand: Frederic Marchand Model: Hacha Nogal
Handmade ax made by Frederic Marchand with blade forged in XC-75 steel. One-piece shaft with the ax with walnut handles. Hammer. Materials: Blade: XC-75 carbon steel. Shaft: steel XC-75 and walnut wood.Sheath: leather.Measures: Weight: 540 grs. Edge width: 80 mm. Total width: 105 mm. To..
Ex Tax:194.21€
Brand: Gerber Model: Pack Hatchet Brown
Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Shaft: stainless steel and FRN. Hammer.Lanyard hole. Nylon sheath. Measures: Weight: 550 grs. Edge width: 90 mm. Total width: 125 mm. Total length with shaft: 260 mm...
Ex Tax:49.55€
Gerber Pack Hatchet OD g3482 Gerber Pack Hatchet OD g3482
Out of Stock
Brand: Gerber Model: 14273
90 mm. stainless steel blade. Edge: 90 mm. Weight: 550  grs. Overall: 260 mm. Handles: steel and FRN. Sheath: nylon. Lanyard hole. Hammer...
Ex Tax:33.02€
Brand: Hibben Knives Model: Pro Thrower Axe gh0866
Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Shaft: stainless steel. Sheath: Leather.Measures: Weight: 380 grs. Edge width: 120 mm. Total width: 128 mm. Total length with shaft: 299 mm...
Ex Tax:45.45€
Model: pp107b
One-piece stainless steel throwing axe. Includes ax and pike on the back and protective csheath with support for the belt.Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Shaft: stainless steel. Sheath: nylon.Measures: Weight: 220 grs. Edge width: 70 mm. Total width: 139 mm. Total length with shaft: 242 ..
Ex Tax:17.36€
Model: bl7787
Knife blade with brass guard. Ideal for the do-it-yourself knifemaker.Materials:Blade: stainless steel.Handle: stainless steel.Measurements:Blade: 60 mm. to the shaft and 105 mm. total width.Overall: 210 mm.Tang: 52 mm.Tickness: 4.5 mm.Weight: 355 grs...
Ex Tax:17.36€
Brand: Hultafors Model: 10982
This is our smallest hatchet, suitable for hiking in the mountains or in the woods. The hatchet is flexible and easy to use, and it fits perfectly for diverse tasks near the camp site, such as processing fire wood and shelter building. With its short handle and light weight, it is easy to pack in yo..
Ex Tax:92.56€
Brand: Hultafors Model: 840326
Hultafors Carpenter Axe. Hammer. Materials: Blade: carbon steel. Shaft: american hickory.Measures: Weight: 1300 grs. (head 1000 grs.) Edge width: 107 mm. Total width: 175 mm. Total length with shaft: 545 mm. Made in Sweden...
Ex Tax:82.60€
Brand: Hultafors Model: Ekelund Axe 841710
Hultafors Ekelund Axe.Materials:Blade: forged carbon steel.Shaft: american hickory wood.Sheah: leather.Measures:Weight: 1210 grs.Edge width: 85 mm.Total width: 164 mm.Total length with shaft: 515 mm.Made in Sweden...
Ex Tax:123.14€
Brand: Hultafors Model: 14924
90 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 80 mm. Weight: grs. Overall: 598 mm. Handles: american hickory wood. Sheath: leather. Made in Sweden...
Ex Tax:156.98€
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