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Brand: Aitor (después 2007) Model: Hacheta Olivo 16074
90 mm. CrMoVa stainless steel blade. Edge: 140 mm. Weight: 582 grs. Overall: 335 mm. Handles: steel and olive wood. Sheath: leather. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:66.07€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 3380
Field ax (one piece metal) with 90 mm stainless steel blade. of edge width and 80 mm. long. Includes hammer on the back. Injected handle made of non-slip and hollow rubber to place the cord. Rigid plastic case with clip closure with coupling for the belt. Total length of the ax (including shaft) 300..
Ex Tax:20.17€
Brand: Condor Model: 6358
1045 forged carbon steel blade. Weight: 490 grs. Edge: 69 mm. Overall: 300 mm. Handles: hickory. Sheath: leather. Made in El Salvador...
Ex Tax:66.07€
Brand: Estwing Model: 3057
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 540 grs. Overall: 300 mm. Edge: 70 mm. Handles: steel/leather. Sheath: nylon.    ..
Ex Tax:57.81€
Estwing Sportsmans es24a
Out of Stock
Brand: Estwing Model: 3058
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 840 grs. Overall: 340 mm. Edge: 80 mm. Handles: steel/leather. Sheath: lnylon. Made in Usa.  ..
Ex Tax:59.50€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 4497
Ax with 80 mm carbon steel blade. of edge travel and 250 grams of weight. Wooden handle with hollow to place the cord. Total length of the ax 350 mm. Includes protective rubber for the edge...
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 4630
Ax with carbon steel blade weighing 300 grams. Blade width of 80 mm. Wooden handle Total length of 405 mm...
Ex Tax:10.74€
Brand: Flores Cortes Model: 10083
75 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 82 mm. Weight: 300  grs. Overall: 380 mm. Handles: wood. Hammer. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:14.88€
Frederic Marchand Hacha Nogal
Out of Stock
Brand: Frederic Marchand Model: 15313
XC-75 carbon steel blade (handforged). Edge: 85 mm. Weight: 565 grs. Overall: 190 mm.Handles: walnut. Sheath: leather. Handmade in France by Frederic Marchand.    ..
Ex Tax:185.95€
Model: 15020
Blade: 100Cr6 carbon steel Handle: stag, micarta,leather and spacers Sheath: leather Measurements Weight: 1620 grs. Edge: 102 mm. Overall: 515 mm. Handmade by Mickael Moing...
Ex Tax:516.53€
Brand: Morakniv Model: 6694
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 502 grs. Overall: 340 mm. Edge: 90 mm. Handles: polymer. Sheath: leather. Made in Sweden.    ..
Ex Tax:40.50€
Brand: Muela Model: 4844
Spanish wheel ax with 440 stainless steel blade of 80 mm. long and 97 mm. of edge travel. Total length of the ax 352 mm. Aluminum handle...
Ex Tax:43.39€
Brand: Muela Model: 726
Hacha Muela con hoja de acero inoxidable MOVA. Astil de aluminio con tres pasadoresde laton. Medidas de la hoja 95 mm. de largo y 135 mm. de recorrido de filo. Largo total 375 mm. Funda de cuero negra con anclaje para el cinto...
Ex Tax:48.88€
Brand: Muela Model: 1673
ntegral ax with 440 stainless steel blade. Rending on the back. Fiber handle injected with a cord. Black leather case to hang from the belt. Sheet thickness of 6 mm. and 150 mm. of length. 130 mm handle long. Weight 520 grs...
Ex Tax:52.60€
Brand: Muela Model: 15907
Blade: 1.4116 stainles ssteel (PTFE coated).Handle: stainless steel and micarta. Sheath: leather. Measures:Weight: 710 grs. Edge: 99 mm. Overall: 255 mm. Made in Sweden.                    ..
Ex Tax:98.35€
Ochsenkopf Camping ox270gst600 Ochsenkopf Camping ox270gst600
Out of Stock
Brand: Ochsenkopf Model: 12641
75 mm. C60 carbon steel blade. Edge: 85 mm. Weight: 845 grs. Overall: 365 mm. Handles: steel and rubber. Sheath: leather. Made in Germany...
Ex Tax:48.76€
Brand: Pallares Model: 9951
Carbon steel blade. Weight: 595 grs. Overall: 465 mm. Edge: 77 mm. Handles: wood. Sheath: No...
Ex Tax:28.93€
Brand: Pallares Model: 10127
Carbon steel blade. Edge: 86 mm. Weight: 653 grs. Overall: 465 mm. Handles: wood. Sheath: No...
Ex Tax:32.23€
Brand: Pallares Model: 15180
110 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 72 mm. Weight: 450  grs. Overall: 330 mm. Handles: wood. Sheath: leather. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:42.98€
Brand: Pallares Model: 15171
90 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 78 mm. Weight: 390  grs. Overall: 295 mm. Handles: wood. Sheath: leather. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:42.98€
Snow Nealley Outdoorsman Snow14 Snow Nealley Outdoorsman Snow14
Out of Stock
Brand: Snow Nealley Model: 10725
68 mm. carbon steel blade. Edge: 80 mm. Weight: 750 grs. Overall: 365 mm. Handles: american hickory. Sheath: leather. 14 1/2" overall. 5 1/4" fire tempered, hand ground axe head with 3 1/8" cutting edge. American hickory handle. Brown leather belt sheath. The perfect lightweight axe for the outdoor..
Ex Tax:66.07€
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