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Throw Knives

Model: Black Fly Throwing
Materials: Blade: stainless steel. Handle: esqueleto. Sheath: no include. Measurements: Blade: 100 mm. Overall: 200 mm. Tickness: 3 mm. Weight: 150 grs...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 16316
Blade: 1055 carbon steel.Handle: skeleton.Sheath: no include.Lanyard hole.Throwing knife.MeasurementsBlade:  mm.Overall:  mm.Tickness: mm.Weight:  grs...
Ex Tax:16.49€
Brand: Cold Steel Model: 13365
Total length: 300mm Handle: Skeleton Weight: 170grs Case: Does not include. Throwing knife built in a single piece of 1055 carbon steel. Manufactured to the same exacting standards and with the same tempering of rigid springs as our higher-end models, these sports models are a bit thinner and l..
Ex Tax:14.88€
Brand: Condor Model: 6150
Condor throwing knife built in one piece of carbon steel 1070 with epoxy protective coating. Total length 240 mm. Thickness of sheet 6 mm. Weight 300 grs...
Ex Tax:27.27€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 11953
98 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Overall: 210 mm. Handles: steel and nylon. Weight: 105 grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:7.02€
Diana + Cuchillos Set 32060
Out of Stock
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 11928
178 mm. overall. Stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Weight: 50  grs. Sheath: nylon. 3 knives + target...
Ex Tax:13.64€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 11881
Diana for throwing knives built in pressed board. Measure 200 mm.                                                                                                                               ..
Ex Tax:4.13€
Brand: Hibben Knives Model: 13128
120 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 5 mm. Overall: 220 mm. Handles: squeleton. Weight: 175 grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:42.98€
Brand: Hibben Knives Model: 16022
Blade: 420J2 stainless steel. Handle: squeleton. Sheath: leather.Measurements Blade: 110 mm. Overall: 220 mm. Tickness: 5 mm. Weight: 158 grs.  ..
Ex Tax:47.93€
Hibben Nnife Throwing Guide uc882
Out of Stock
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 945
Book Hibben Knife Throwing Guide 2nd Edition. Completely revised and updated with guide for throwing from any distance, choosing knives and building targets. From beginner to professional. 64 pages in full color...
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: Hubertus Model: 9235
98 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4 mm. Overall: 200 mm. Handles: plastic. Weight: 85 grs. Sheath: leather. Made in Spain...
Ex Tax:18.18€
Brand: Joker Model: 3112
Spanish Joker knife made ​​of stainless steel 440 with 102mm blade . long, green cordura sheath with clip hook , knife total length of 218m .      ..
Ex Tax:21.04€
Brand: Kershaw Model: 11896
110 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 4 mm. Overall: 225 mm. Handles: nylon. Weight: grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:42.98€
Brand: Muela Model: 109
One-piece 440 stainless steel 252 mm wheel knives. long and 5 mm. of thickness. Black leather case for the belt...
Ex Tax:17.16€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 14971
168 mm stainless steel throwing knife. Nylon shealth...
Ex Tax:3.84€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 8163
115 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 3 mm. Overall: 215 mm. Handles: squeleton. Weight: 99 grs. Sheath: nylon...
Ex Tax:4.96€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 4926
Throw knife built in a single piece of stainless steel. Total length 187 mm. Includes nylon sheath...
Ex Tax:10.33€
Throwing Knife 31842
Out of Stock
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 6164
Knife to throw constructed in a single piece of stainless steel. Total length 189 mm. Handle strung with nylon. Includes protective cover with horizontal anchor or forearm...
Ex Tax:4.13€
Brand: JKR Model: 5826
Throwing knife built in a single piece of steel.  Total length 223 mm. Includes black nylon sheath for the belt...
Ex Tax:7.44€
Brand: JKR Model: 5900
Throwing knife built in stainless steel. Total length 222 mm. Includes nylon sheath...
Ex Tax:7.44€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 10061
85 mm. stainless steel blade. Tickness: 2,2 mm. Overall: 157 mm. Handles: squeleton. Weight: 22 grs. Sheath: nylon. 6 knives + nylon sheath.  ..
Ex Tax:13.22€
Throwing knife set 32036
Out of Stock
Model: 10905
Set of three throwing knives. Stainless steel blade, titanium-plated, 200 mm. long. It includes nylon sheath...
Ex Tax:12.81€
Brand: Import D.H. Model: 5850
Set of three throwing knives built in stainless steel. Total length 215 mm. They include a cover to carry all three...
Ex Tax:8.22€
Brand: Import D.H. Model: 5636
Set of two throwing knives built in stainless steel. Total length 234 mm. Includes nylon sheath with two sections for the belt...
Ex Tax:9.92€
Model: 547
Misc Three Piece Throwing Knife Set. Each knife is 5 7/8" overall. 1 5/8" double edge blade. One piece steel construction with black coating and adjustable weight balance. Black cordura sheath holds all three knives...
Ex Tax:12.40€
Brand: Import A.B. Model: 4918
Set of three stainless steel throwing knives. Total measurement of each knife 153 mm. Includes nylon case to carry them...
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: United Cutlery Model: 16067
9" (22.86cm) overall. 5.25" (13.34cm) double edge AUS-6 stainless dagger blade. Cord wrapped handle. Finger ring. 3 have black coated blades and black handles and 3 green coated blades and green handles. Includes paper target. Black nylon belt sheath. Clam packed...
Ex Tax:28.93€
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